develop an AI capable of creating artificial proteins and the authors praise its usefulness in medicine

The rise of artificial intelligencea technology that Bill Gates sees it as the most powerful in the coming decadeshas led to some artists and writers to rise up against their odds. For months, it is common for different art platforms or some websites to be full of AI creations, a situation that these unions do not like since they consider that they sully their work. However, the story starring artificial intelligence that tells techspot in one of his latest publications is hopeful for the humanity.

As detailed, salesforce has immersed himself in a project focused on ProGenan artificial intelligence model designed to create synthetic artificial proteins. To do this, the tool uses the ML algorithma perfectly trained system with 280 million sequences of proteins of more than 19,000 families that manages to create artificial proteins so effective like the natural ones. And, in view of the results of the tests, the data they provide is encouraging for treating some disorders.

Artificial proteins will help in the treatment of rare diseases

Thus, ProGen is the first system capable of creating a three dimensional structure of an artificial protein. In this way, bioapplication has been able to create artificial proteins capable of eliminating waste as efficiently as natural ones. Additionally, Salesforce notes that it can still be tuned to “improve the performance of controllable protein generation.” With this measure, they seek to design highly personalized proteins based on the “desired properties”.

Regarding the results of the experiment, the tests confirm that the 73% of artificial proteins are “functional”. To make a comparison, this data goes down to the 59% in the natural ones Therefore, they already use it to identify “potential treatments” for neurological or autoimmune disorders, such as rheumatoid arthritis or multiple sclerosis. Finally, they confirmed that their intention is for this approach to help speed up the development of treatments for diseases.

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