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2023 for Colombia began with great news: the arrival of Devis Vásquez at AC Milan. Surely many do not remember or do not know who the goalkeeper who has just signed with the historic Italian is, and became the first coffee goalkeeper to play with the ‘Rossoneri’, but the Barranquillero’s career has been more than satisfactory with experience in competitions of international stature such as the Copa Conmebol Libertadores with Guaraní.

Cortuluá, Patriotas and La Equidad were his clubs in Colombia, and then he made the leap to Paraguay with Guaraní. He made his official debut, and, from the moment he was with the Paraguayans before signing with the Italian team, he was already on Néstor Lorenzo’s radar for the Colombian National Team. However, the only option for Devis Vásquez was not AC Milan.

The important leap that Devis Vásquez made from one moment to another is curious, his name was in Europe without having much knowledge about the goalkeeper who left Guaraní to fulfill the dream of landing on the old continent. Vásquez signed with AC Milan but it was not the only alternative that the Barranquillero had. And it is that, a former goalkeeper like Óscar Córdoba was already following in the footsteps of Vásquez and it was Córdoba, idol and benchmark of the Boca Juniors goal who recommended him to the Xeneizes managers.

In an interview with Semana Magazine, Devis Vásquez mentioned that Juan Román Riquelme was aware of the goalkeeper’s future thanks to a recommendation from Óscar Córdoba. In addition, he mentioned that for the mere fact of Córdoba’s gesture, he is grateful to him, “it all started in 2019 when I was left without a team and I was fortunate to be able to train and be advised by him. He helped me a lot. He gave me confidence, He corrected me and shared many of his experiences, which were fundamental for me. Once I signed in Guaraní, one day he told me that he had spoken with Juan Román Riquelme and that he had told him about my case, but that was left there. But That gesture meant a lot to me, that a person like Óscar Córdoba risked it for me in that way, it made me feel more commitment, determination and dedication for everything that was coming. I couldn’t let it go wrong”.

With the return of Serie A and the injury of Mike Maignan, starting goalkeeper, there is still the question whether Devis Vásquez will fight for a place in the AC Milan goal or if the club will seek to send him on loan to a team where he does have a greater role . In the two matches that the Milanese have played since the tournament returned, Ciprian Tatarusanu was the owner of the goal and the substitute was Antonio Mirante.

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