Diabetes, the symptom on the tongue that goes unnoticed: to be checked immediately

The color of the tongue, in case of diabetes, infections and anemia, can be the alarm bell that something is wrong with our health.

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We are talking about particular states that should not be underestimated to allow an early diagnosis by our doctor.

Watch the tongue to check or state of health

Maybe we don’t ask ourselves enough what a healthy person’s tongue looks like. Well, this important organ of our mouth, in order to be called healthy, must have: a lighter color in the center and more rosy at the edges, and be moist.

Also it must be possible lift towards the palate without difficulty and develop and curve outwards. A litmus test that the doctor looks at when he asks you to show your tongue.

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Inside the tongue there are muscles that line the mucosa, where the taste buds and villi are present, a sort of “turf”.

Language is a very vascularized and innervated organ easy to read if you know what to read.

While not a substitute for a doctor’s diagnosis, looking at your tongue in the morning can tell us a lot about our state of health.

Aspects of the language with diabetes

The list of possible aspects of the language is quite substantial, nevertheless, it is worth mentioning some such as:

the strawberry-colored tongue, which was a sign of the presence of a disease called scarlatina.

pale tongue, it could indicate that anemia is present while:

a white tongue, the possibility that there is an ongoing infectious disease, but also a gastritis or a gastric ulcer.

When the color of the tongue tends to green or yellow, we could be in the presence of organ disorders such as: liver, spleen or gallbladder.

Not just the color, but hers too mood changes they are the symptom of the presence of a decompensation to be checked by the doctor.

As in the case of the rough tongue, a sign of a lack of vitamins, or of ongoing inflammation.

The dry tongue which therefore tends to be dry is a wake-up call not to be underestimated, as a possible warning that there are problems with dehydration, but also kidney problems, as well as being a alarm bell for diabetes.

Control diabetes, dry tongue
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