diabetes, writing key FundéuRAE

on the occasion of world diabetes daywhich is celebrated 14 NovemberBelow are some keys to improving the writing of information related to this chronic metabolic disease.

1. diabeteswithout tilde

Word diabetes it’s a word flat and finished inThat’s why it is written without tilde, according to him Pan-Hispanic Dictionary of DoubtEsdruzula pronunciation is discouraged (diabetes), which is sometimes heard in some countries and in other forms such as diabetes.

2. Sect ,diabetes Mellitus,with lower case

diabetes Is Short form By the full name of the disease, «diabetes Mellitus», is written like this, in small letters, like the names of all diseases, with Mellitus With double L and in italics because it is the Latin name: «Diabetes Mellitus “This is a public health problem globally.”

3. prediabetesIn a word

He Prefix beforeWhich is used in forming nouns and adjectives linked to the word With which it comes with no space or intermediate hyphen: prediabetesno more pre diabetes neither pre diabetes,

4. dependent on insulinvalid words

He Spanish dictionary pick up adjectives dependent on insulin With the meaning of ‘that which is needed’ insulin administration‘ and points out that it is also possible to use it as a noun applying to people: A/A Dependent on insulin. For his part, Dictionary of Medical TermsSpain’s Royal National Academy of Medicine has warned that the form is incorrect Insulin⁠-⁠dependent.

5. mother cellsplural recommended

The use of construction is common in news related to research to improve the lives of patients mother cells, In this case, like other nouns in apposition, it is usual to put Mother immutable in plural (and do not use stem cell,

6. Sugarvalid in masculine and feminine genders

Sugar it is a noun UnclearThat is, it can be used as Male or female, Sugar, Sugar, If there is no adjective with it then it is masculine gender, whereas if there is any adjective with it then it is feminine gender. Whether there is an adjective in the plural or not, the masculine usage prevails. Another specialty of this word Sugar that is, without starting To Tonic, accept use of article He Combined with feminine adjective: “Carbohydrates, mainly refined sugar, reduce brain activity.”

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