Diana Del Bufalo: «I’m not a no vax. I kicked out of Lol? It’s fake news “

It will be staged from next Wednesday at the Brancaccio theater with Sette Spose per Sette Fratelli, based on the famous film by Stanley Donan, with which he measures himself for the first time with the musical genre, singing and dancing with his colleague Marco Bazzoni on the music of the orchestra directed by maestro Peppe Vessicchio. Romana, 31, indomitable character that often gets her into trouble (the latest controversy: the choice not to get vaccinated), Diana Del Bufalo He will soon also be cast in the upcoming season of LOL, Amazon Prime Video’s comic revelation program.

What musical will we see?

«The cut will be light and colorful like the film. Perhaps a bit more feminist and modern. I will bring on stage a woman who takes the initiative, who does not give in to flattery and defends herself from harassment: on stage I have a gun in my belt. All, of course, in a comic key ».

Diana Del Bufalo, the apologies after the outburst No vax: “I’m sorry, I do 3 tampons a week”

Are you comfortable in the musical?

“I always feel like I’m going to make a fool of myself. As usual they will say that I do everything, but that I am mediocre. So I lower my expectations: you will not see Meryl Streep ».

How are you doing with Peppe Vessicchio?

“Very good. He and I are vibrationally compatible. We both believe in vibrations and talk about it often, he’s a very spiritual guy, a shaman. He made my back pain go away with his hands. ‘

She is not vaccinated: how do you do it in the theater?

“In the theater we do what the law requires: a tampon every 48 hours, vaccinated or not. I didn’t get vaccinated for health reasons and I don’t have much else to add ».

Is it a no-vax?

“No. I’m not a no vax ».

So why did you mean you don’t get vaccinated?

«Because I am a transparent person and I speak without filters. I know that this attitude can have repercussions, sometimes even serious ones. I was threatened with death for this vaccine thing. ‘

And why does she not report those who threaten her?

“I live long enough on social media to know they’re just keyboard lions, who don’t do anything in the end. They just say terrible things. I also believe that freedom of speech is essential. I have already apologized on social media for what I said about vaccines, I was angry “.

It is said that for this reason Amazon would like to cut it from LOL: is it true? «But let alone. We have already shot everything in September. It’s fake news ».

What can you say about the new edition of LOL?

“That I loved the program and that actually staying in it is very complicated. You feel really bad physically if you can’t let go of laughter. And then I already knew many of the comedians, it was a great experience. But I can’t talk about it yet. ‘

The next step? “I have no ambition. After the musical I did everything, maybe I change my job. I really like children, they listen to me badly. I could do something on a pedagogical level ».

The conduction?

“For heaven’s sake, it doesn’t belong to me, I’m not good at it. I tried and it didn’t go (last time in 2020, with Enjoy – Laughing is good, ed). It makes me nervous. The conductors for me are geniuses and heroes ».

He was in the room with Seven Women and a Mystery: How do you see the future of cinema? «I think that the situation will be resolved, and that soon we will return to normal. Cinema is not about staying at home and watching a film on the sofa, it is a magnificent, collective, different experience. But I know we will get out of it. I see it, I feel it ».

Always the vibrations?

“No, science says so. The infections are rising, but sooner or later the curve will go down ».

How has Covid changed your life?

“It taught me to focus on what’s important. Bags and clothes no longer interest me, they are things I already have. I rediscovered the joy of staying at home, of having time to read, of going to my grandmother for lunch, of being with my parents ».

Are you not afraid of it?

“No, it doesn’t belong to me. I am a fatalist, I have faith in the flow of life. And I’m careful. This is the time to rest assured, my advice is to take all possible precautions to stay away from the virus “. THE

Including getting vaccinated?

“Absolutely yes. Who can, get vaccinated ».

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