Diana Ross Presents Serena To Beyoncé On Her Birthday

Surya Amaya

(CNN) It ​​would be hard to imagine a bigger or better birthday celebration than Beyoncé’s this Monday.

During the singer’s “Renaissance World Tour” concert in Los Angeles, Diana Ross wowed the crowd when she took the stage to celebrate Bey with a rendition of “Happy Birthday”.

“I’m here to celebrate Beyoncé’s birthday,” Ross said as Beyoncé hugged him tightly.

When Ross finished, Beyoncé, then 42, told him: “Thank you so much, you’re amazing.”

Diana Ross just wished Beyonce a happy birthday!!! #RENAISANCEWorldTour pic.twitter.com/KMtsFQISQ1 — Kelechi (@its_kelechi) September 5, 2023

“That’s great Diana Ross! I wouldn’t exist without you, and thank you so much for all your sacrifices, your beauty, and your grace,” he said. Thank you for opening the door for me. thank you so much.”

Kim Kardashian was in attendance and shared a video of the two onstage on her Instagram story, writing, “A birthday song from @dianaross.”

Beyoncé previously serenaded for Ross in 2019 when Ross turned 75.

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