DiCaprio invests in vegan sneakers for a princess

Leonardo Dicaprio Bet on one of the trendy vegan projects. This is a British sneaker brand Vegetarian losiIn which he has just joined as an investor. as reported Sun Citing sources familiar with the matter, the actor may have wanted to follow in the footsteps of the British musician James Blunt, Both join the large number of celebrities who trust the brand and who may have been influenced by it princess eugenie,

youngest daughter of prince andrew And sarah ferguson She is a regular customer of the company. In fact, she would have been in charge of presenting her products to some of the celebrities around. they say that meghan markle It was one of the first, but ben affleck, Gwyneth Paltrow And Olivia Wilde She has also been seen with him in public.

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Princess Eugenie will meet DiCaprio through his wife James Blunt

The one who created so much ruckus about this creator must have been the wife of the initial creator. James Blunt, Sophia WellesleyWhom he married in 2014. granddaughter of The 8th Duke of Wellington, she is an aristocrat and very well connected with royals, celebrities, and celebrities in both Europe and the United States.

Ed Sheeran, For example, he is godfather to the couple’s first child. And both of them were present at the wedding meghan markle And this prince harry, youngest son of Charles III And James Blunt They matched in their military stages; and his wife and princess eugenie They share friendship and common interests.

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DiCaprio’s investment in vegan sneakers has been rewarded

With this investment in a vegan sneaker manufacturer losi, Leonardo Dicaprio He joins the large number of celebrities who are in the know about sustainable brands. The actor has also recently been honored by an animal rights organization. PETA with award best foot forward,

This is a hallmark of the investment of dicaprio Respect the planet and animals. The actor may have invested around $4.5 million losi, The company makes its sneakers from bamboo, recycled plastic bottles and other animal-free materials.

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Vegan sneakers are on the rise

losi was founded in 2021 and achieved seven figures in sales in its first year. The brand has expanded into 26 global markets and partnered with retailers bergdorf goodman, Nordstrom And neiman marcus,

other permanent investments Leonardo Dicaprio This includes dairy free milk producers California Farms and company Breakfast of plant origin hippies, It also partnered with a vegan meat brand beyond meat And urged his social media followers to eat veggie burgers. His involvement as executive producer of the documentary cow breathHis life changed in 2014. There he realized the impact of animal agriculture on the environment dicaprio He changed his diet.

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