Dicolfarma, innovation and quality for the well-being of its consumers

In the midst of a difficult economic situation and with the main objective of turning his life around and showing that in Colombia it is possible to create a company, grow and have economic independence, Juan Sebastián Gallego Ávila created Dicolfarma with effort and care, a company focused on the commercialization and distribution of pharmaceutical, natural and cosmetic products, which seeks to generate confidence in its clients with results in the improvement of health.

In 2013, he began the creation of this company with the ‘Fungifín’ cosmetic line, which offered products for the effective and notorious treatment of fungus on the skin. Thanks to the effort, work and perseverance of Juan Sebastián and his work team, they expanded their catalog and evolved their products to create 4 different lines, with the aim of continuing to provide people with well-being from physical, aesthetic and integral health of the organism. ; elements that have potentiated the brand.

During its history Dicolfarma has been expanding in the South, Center and West of the country. Their values ​​such as honesty, respect, responsibility, dynamism, innovation and solidarity with their collaborators and clients have allowed them to gain the trust of the entire community and increase their presence in each region.

Its own brand products contain high standards of innovation and quality, essential elements that provide great benefits to all its consumers. “The pharmaceutical industry is very strong and we are a little bit compared to others. The idea is to create our own brand, be innovative in order to compete with the large companies that are currently in the market and sustain ourselves in it”, explains Juan Sebastián Gallego Ávila, founder and commercial manager of Dicolfarma.


Trust and loyalty of your customers

According to its founder, one of the greatest achievements this organization has achieved is gaining the trust and loyalty of its clients, people who have believed in its processes and have supported them in the region, both in Cali and Valle del Cauca. . However, as the manager tells it, this process has not been easy, as they have had to work hard to offer the best quality through innovative products.

Dicolfarma’s growth has been exponential and is evidenced by its current offer. Its portfolio offers 57 products, all of its own brand and each of them seeks to provide various benefits to all its consumers. The idea of ​​this company, as Juan Sebastián comments, is to continue expanding the variety of products to satisfy the needs of consumers and thus improve their health and quality of life. This development has allowed them to become a source of employment, giving their collaborators an opportunity to have a decent job and economic stability.

Its team is made up of excellent collaborators, who have consolidated a family bond, where they support each other to become one of the best companies or laboratories in the country. Its directors believe in and support young talent, which is why they have 14 employees, most of them between 20 and 26 years old, to give them the opportunity to excel, get ahead and increase their knowledge in the world of work.

Innovation and quality

The expectations of this company in the future are to be able to contribute innovation and product development in Cali and Valle del Cauca through the impact on the population with a good level of employability, being an example for other entrepreneurs who are strengthening their entrepreneurial process. “We want to guide, motivate and encourage the businessman or entrepreneur so that they realize that here they can grow and develop, but they must bear in mind that many things have to be sacrificed to achieve it,” says Ávila.

The invitation that the manager Juan Sebastián extends to the entire community is that they give themselves the opportunity to know and try the products that Dicolfarma has to offer, which can show that it is a company that works as a team, community and mutual support both with internal collaborators as external, offering the best quality and highly visible results.

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