Did A$AP Rocky cheat on Rihanna? Social networks react!

While rumors have been circulating for a few hours, evoking the separation of A$AP Rocky and Rihanna, the latter having supposedly surprised the rapper with a designer working for Fenty, social networks were, unsurprisingly, largely packed.

Once again, social networks showed this Thursday the impact they could have. Across the Atlantic, several accounts and media will relay information – without any serious source – reporting the separation of the Rihanna-A$AP Rocky couple. To justify this, they will explain that the singer, currently pregnant with the New York rapper, had surprised the latter with Amina Muaddi, designer and responsible for the creation of shoes for the Fenty brand. And if no concrete element made it possible to confirm these noises, the subject nevertheless quickly rose among the topics most discussed on social networks.

Rihanna Amina Muaddi
Rihanna and Amina Muaddi

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky separated? The rumor swells in the United States!

Drake at the heart of the reactions

Internet users have thus given themselves to their heart’s content to evoke this rumor in a humorous or very serious way. Among the names that came back very quickly, in addition to those of the 2 main interested parties, Internet users lingered for a long time around Drake, whose history with Rihanna we know. In France, the humorist Fary Lopes, who is none other than the companion of Amina Muaddi, also found himself in trends without having asked for anything. A necessarily complicated situation especially since, as we wrote above, nothing proves that this story is real or invented from scratch.

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