Did Angela Aguilar and Gussy Lau separate?

After spending a few days in Paris together with her family to get away from everything that surrounded the scandal of the photos, Ángela Aguilar is back in Mexico. At the beginning of April the fAmy Aguilar was affected by the controversy unleashed after photographs were leaked showing the young woman with the producer Gussy Lau giving each other a tongue kiss. The biggest of the questions revolved around the age difference between the two, Angela is 18 and Lau is 33 years old.

Since then, many things have been said, and there was no lack of voices that were in favor of the couple and those that were against, age being one of the sensitive points when disapproving of the romance. At the time, both artists came out to face the situation. While the composer had confirmed the romance, the youngest of the Aguilars was embarrassed and saddened by the circumstances that had to happen.


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