Did Cara Delevingne inherit the addictions that her mother Pandora had?

LThe recent problems of Cara Delevingne are one of the most worrying topics among celebrities. The actress’s video outside the Van Nuys airport earlier this week made her friends and family very worried about her. The actress margot robbie He created a strong bond with Cara, but his family is the most involved in his recovery.

the past of Delevingne inevitably connects her with her mother. When he was young, Pandora she was a British socialite who grew up in the highest ranks of society outside of the Royals. She had an unfortunate struggle with heroin addiction for many years that could run in families.

Is heroin addiction hereditary?

According to a 2008 article published in the National Library of Medicine titled ‘Genetic Susceptibility to Heroin Addiction; a candidate gene association study’, heroin addiction may run in families. A genetic contribution to the vulnerability developing heroin addiction is 40-60%. This suggests a complex mode of inheritance in the children of a person who has been addicted to the substance for many years.

Pandora he finally managed to overcome his addiction, but there is evidence that part of it could have passed to Expensive. However, it has not yet been confirmed whether the actress has used heroin or not. But Jessica Red Krauss’s recent exposure of Amber Heard suggests that she started taking heavy drugs when the two actresses were hanging out together.

In a 2020 interview with the Daily Mail, Pandora revealed that he used heroin just a few days after his 18th birthday and was hooked from that point forward. After beating his addiction, she continued to battle addiction to other substances. Here’s what she said: “I had a chance and that was it. It was the drug for me. It gave me all the things I didn’t have, mostly self-confidence.”

“My parents, who had to be pretty tough on me at the end until I hit rock bottom, put me in a treatment center in Weston-super-Mare. Later it was morphine pills, opiate-based pills, the strongest painkillers I you can imagine.” can get. I just wanted to be able to live a normal day without the anxiety, or what I thought was normal. For a while I would [pero], of course, the addiction caught me. She always does.”

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