Did Jhonny Caz cancel his engagement with Jonathan Bencomo?

The Grupo Firme singer decided to break the silence about the situation.

Jhonny Caz, brother of Eduin Caz, is once again on everyone’s lips after they began fstrong rumors that their relationship would have ended and engagement to her boyfriend, Jonathan Bencomo.

It was just last November 2021 that the couple got engaged during a concert that Grupo Firme offered in Las Vegas, when Bencomo took the stage and knelt in front of Caz to propose to her.

Since then, little has been known about the marriage bond and their relationship, so it quickly began to circulate that they would have put an end to their relationship.

Has your engagement been called off?

Although neither Jhonny Caz nor Jonathan Bencomo have spoken directly on the subject so far, they took the opportunity to share a photograph with a brief text that confronts all the rumors.

Here on vacation celebrating and enjoying our disengagement”, wrote Jonathan and Jhonny for the news account of the show, Chamonic3.

Some users celebrated the couple’s comment and mentioned that They were seen enjoying the Ana Bárbara concert together in Mexico City.

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