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Lali Esposito He is one of the most recognized figures in Argentine music today, so each outfit he decides to wear has a lot of repercussions. Before returning to the country to begin the recordings of “The Argentine Voice”, stood out at the 2022 Platinum Awardsboth in driving and in a musical number.

However, a detail appeared on social networks about one of the outfits he chose for the red folder of the event that took place in Spain. The singer opted for a dress that received many compliments, although many similarities were found with one that Zendaya used long ago.

During the movie premiere “dune” which took place in Paris The actress wore several outfits and one of them was identical to the one that Lali Esposito finally chose at the aforementioned ceremony. Argentina is a great admirer of the protagonist of the series “Euphoria” and she does not hide it on her social networks, so the similarities in the dresses can be taken as a tribute.

It should be remembered that this is not the first time this has happened, although the background was the other way around. Zendaya was on the cover of a magazine in November 2020 and her outfit was identical to one used by Lali Esposito in 2019.

The similarity between the dresses of Zendaya and Lali Esposito.

In the meantime, Lali Esposito is focused on the musical contest that will air in June after a successful season in 2021. After spending many months in Spain, he is enjoying his stay in Argentina with the juries of “The Argentine Voice”.

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