Did Lil Nas X Just Reveal He Has A Secret Son?

Lil Nas X shook things up this week by making the bold announcement that he has a secret son.

“Yes, I have a son and I will no longer hide him from this cruel world”the rapper wrote on Instagram Stories alongside a picture of a baby and a stuffed animal.

The news hit the headlines just as Twitter started talking about Lil Nas only pretending to be gay all this time “for effect”.

Of course, it’s entirely possible for a gay man to have a baby (even with a woman!), but true fans knew better than to obey Lil Nas. This man is a king when it comes to internet trolling. Although his “revelation” that he had a son may have fooled those who were watching his career from the sidelines, his followers quickly took notice.

And thanks to the goofy things Lil Nas always casually does, it appears he doesn’t care about how hysterical he might be, fans joked.

It’s worth noting that at this point, Lil Nas may still be insisting that he has a human child, and it may actually be true, and fans probably still won’t believe him. But in this case, those in the know insist that this particular child is the rapper’s nephew.

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