Did not reach! Deportivo Cali fell with Tolima and was left without the title of the Colombian Super League

Despite the fact that it showed a different face from that of the team that is going through bad times in the League, Deportivo Cali was not able to overcome this Wednesday night the Super League series against Deportes Tolima in Ibagué, and lost the option of winning for the second time. time with the trophy.

Coach Rafael Dudamel and his players continued to chew on the taste of defeat by losing 1-0 (2-1 the series) against the ‘pijaos’ at the Manuel Murillo Toro stadium, where Tolima, for the first time, was crowned champion of the tournament that defined the best team of the 2021 season.

Michael Rangel, with a header, gave the victory and the title to the local team.
The first half was intense, with attacks from both sides, from two teams that went out looking for the goal early.

In those first minutes Teófilo Gutiérrez stood out for Cali, who in the most advanced line of 3 acted as a false 9 and for that reason he was able to step properly into the area and join Yony González or John Vásquez in search of William’s goal Cost.

The other lines of the sugar team behaved with a lot of personality, occupying the spaces that Tolima was looking for with touches and small partnerships, especially on the left side with Andrés Ibargüen.

When Cali guarded that band, the ‘pijaos’ looked for space in the midfield with the incursions of Steven Lucumí or sometimes with aerial balls in search of Michael Rangel’s header.

Rafael Dudamel’s team was able to drown out the dizzying attacks of the locals in the first 45 minutes, because the defense behaved in order and the pair of Jorge Marsiglia and Guillermo Burdisso were very synchronized.

Despite the intensity of the game and the physical display of the 22 players, the shots at the opposite goals were not permanent. Perhaps the clearest option was a header by defender José Moya, who hammered the ball down, but it went wide and Guillermo de Amores had already managed to cover that right post.

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The second half told another story. In still ball, Tolima executed a charge that accurately found Rangel’s head, who, inexplicably, was marked by John Vásquez, shorter than him, and the ‘pijao’ attacker beat him in strength and jump, and sent to save the ball, despite the stretch from the Cali goalkeeper. That happened in the 54th minute.

Three minutes later, in an emotional injection towards the attack, the ‘Azucareros’ were able to level the score with a shot by Marsiglia after a false start by goalkeeper Cuesta.

But Hernán Torres’ team was also able to extend the advantage between minutes 72 and 73 after two defensive failures by Cali. In the first action, Ibargüen finished off to the side and De Amores showed off. And in the second, Yohandry Orozco, who had just entered, wasted the option before the departure of the sugar goal.

Coach Rafael Dudamel ordered two changes and sent Carlos Robles and Ángelo Rodríguez to the field, in search of parity. And then he also sent Harold Mosquera.

The actions of the Verdiblanco team were unsuccessful, as they physically surrendered everything, just like their rival, because the game never slowed down.

Cali, unlike what happened just two months ago, when he was crowned champion of the League in Ibagué against the same rival, returns defeated from Murillo Toro and with his sights set on a League, where he is last, but still has chances of get into the group of eight, with the start of the Copa Libertadores in a matter of a month.

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