Did Shakira and Piqué experience another episode of tension?

Shakira and Pique They are going through a bad time after their recent separation after 12 years of relationship. A video published by the program El Gordo y la Flaca from Univision It would have made clear the tension between the two people.

In this recording you can see Piqué going to the family home to pick up his two children, Milan and Sasha. However, the door does not open when he arrives.

Piqué is caught writing a message on the phone and, after a few minutes, returns and picks up his two offspring to later leave the place.

The filming would have shown that there is a problem between Shakira and the FC Barcelona footballer in a saga that continues to arouse media interest.

The tension between the couple begins to be more evident. Also, neither of them is having a good time. Piquehe broke a paparazzi’s phone when he was chasing him after his stay in London.

On the other hand, the singer Carlos Vives provided some more information about the emotional state of the singer. The musical artist and the Colombian keep a great friendship.

Vives already highlighted that Shakira “he is very sad” and that he is not having a good time. The latest photos of the singer also alerted her fans.

Pique and Shakira they would live a critical moment as a result of the possible custody of their children. The soccer player would not accept that the singer goes with them to Miami, even if it is during the vacation period.

Meanwhile, she would have already decided to move from Barcelona. Even more so after the graffiti received by some stalkers and which have already been reported to the police.

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