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La La Land is a movie that enchants audiences for its combination of romance, drama, and music.

Many tend to empathize with the story of two young artists, Mia and Sebastian, who fight to make their dreams come true while falling in love.

The film offers an emotionally powerful experience thanks to its soundtrack and choreography, as well as the chemistry of its leads, played by Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling.

Some point out that ‘La La Land’ is a tribute to the city of Los Angeles, to music, to cinema and to the fight to make our dreams come true, which makes it a film with an inspiring and hopeful message.

If you saw this movie and want to see similar tapes, then keep reading that you will find a list of stories available on Netflix.

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Musicals available on Netflix

Perfect notes

College student Beca knows she doesn’t want to be part of a group, but that’s where she gets to after arriving at her new school. Between the bad, good, and weird girls, Beca discovers that the only thing they have in common is how well they sing together.

Sing Come and Sing!

A pig, mouse, porcupine, gorilla, elephant, and other animals gather in a koala theater for a singing competition.

Charming Nights

Ali Rose is a small-town girl who moves to the big city and starts working as a waitress at the Burlesque club. Once there, her objective will be to show the local manager that she has the talent to be one of the girls in the show.


A girl develops extraordinary mental abilities, despite her careless parents and an abusive principal.

The Phantom of the Opera

A young soprano becomes the obsession of a masked musical genius who lives beneath the Paris Opera House.

Tick, tick… Boom!

Jon is an aspiring playwright who, nearing his 30th birthday, is overwhelmed with anxiety, wondering if his dream is worth it.

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