Did you recognize it? She had mental problems, experienced a nuclear disaster and was killed shortly before getting married

British actress born in 1967, she attended acting schools from an early age, treading the stages of numerous theaters and joining the Royal Shakespeare Company. Supporting herself by doing various jobs, including waitress and secretary, her big screen debut in 1996 also marks her first nomination for the coveted Academy Award, which was won by the 3-time Oscar winner that year. Frances McDormand. The film, increasingly revalued over the years, was The waves of fate and the actress in question was Emily Watson which, according to Première magazine, for the performance of the film Lars von Trier ranks 18th among the 100 greatest interpretations of all time. Today, January 14, 2022, Emily Watson is celebrating her 55th birthday.

The career of Emily Watson

Next to The waves of fate is the film of Jim Sheridan, The Boxer, where the actress stars alongside the 3-time Oscar winner Daniel Day-Lewis, while the following year, in 1999, he received his second Academy Award nomination for the fourth film in which he participated: Hillary and Jackie. With 2 Golden Globe nominations for the same films for which she earned an Oscar nomination, Emily Watson reaches Hollywood attention by acting in both major productions and independent films, in fact takes part in The price of freedom, Angela’s ashes, Gosford Park, Red Dragon, Miss Potter, War Horse, Anna Karenina, Story of a book thief, The theory of everything, Kingsman – The Golden Circle, Chesil Beach – One night’s secret and many others. Rejecting numerous roles that turned out to be important, such as that of Bridget Jones and Amélie respectively in Bridget Jones’s diary And The fabulous world of Amélie, in 2005 is the voice of The Corpse Bride from Tim Burton. Working with directors such as Robert Altman, Paul Thomas Anderson, Charlie Kaufman, Steven Spielberg and many others, in 2019 starring in the award-winning TV series Chernobyl where she plays the role of doctor Ulana Khomyuk, an interpretation for which she receives the first Emmy Award nomination and a third Golden Globe nomination.

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