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tigers has had a great winter market with Diego Cocca in command of the squad, which is why the Argentine coach said that it is a privilege to have signed players like Fernando Gorriarán and Nicolás Ibáñez.

“Arriving at Tigres and having the opportunity to strengthen as we have done, It gives me hope and shows me what Tigres is. Bringing Gorriarán and Nico Ibáñez is a privilege, it’s a challenge, I’m happy and since Tigres never ceases to amaze me, one more could arrive, as long as it is to add“, said.

Although he left open the possibility of bringing another one, he also spoke about Diego Laínezwho is in the portfolio and stated that if his characteristics add to the squad, he welcomes his signing, but first they must settle the issue with Betis.

“They are important players, if it closes us for the team and it is a characteristic that we do not have, Tigres is open to incorporating that class of players”, he commented.

‘Those who are up to it, will be’

Cocca also affirmed that he he only cares about having the best players and those who are not up to it, will not be on the campus.

“They are opinions, each one can express what they think. I speak for myself and I am going to look for the best players who can perform in Mexican soccer, I’m not interested in age, trajectory, this is for performance. It is a very demanding team, and those who are up to it will be with us and those who are not, we will try to work on them, ”he added.

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