Diego Maradona case: the Prosecutor’s Office asked to bring to trial the eight responsible for his medical care | One by one, the roles of each defendant

The prosecutors who investigated the death of Diego Armando Maradona They asked this Wednesday that the eight health professionals charged with his death go to trial as alleged perpetrators of simple homicide with eventual intent..

The measure reaches the neurosurgeon and family doctor of the Diez, Leopoldo Luciano Luque; the psychiatrist Agustina Cosachov; the psychologist Carlos Ángel “Charly” Díaz; the coordinating doctor of the prepaid Swiss Medical, Nancy Edith Forlini; the nursing coordinator Mariano Perroni; and the nurses Ricardo Omar Almirón, Dahiana Gisela Madrid and Pedro Di Spagna, clinical doctor.

According to the resolution of the officials of the San Isidro Prosecutor’s Office, the title of simple homicide with eventual intent means that “the action (or omission) could lead to the death of Maradona, due to his complications and state of health.

The request was presented by the prosecutors Patricio Ferrari and Cosme Iribarren, and the Benavídez prosecutor, Laura Capra, before the Judge of Guarantees 2 of that judicial department, Orlando Díaz. In this way, the judge must decide whether to definitively close the investigation of the criminal case and pass all the proceedings to the oral courts so that due process can follow.

One by one, what is each defendant accused of

  • Leopoldo Luque. The neurosurgeon is the main defendant in the case because for the prosecutors he was Maradona’s family doctor. For example, he signed the release from the Olivos Clinic to take him to home hospitalization. “He did not guarantee his proper follow-up with controls and cardiological studies, nor did he summon specialists in cardiovascular, hepatic and renal matters, as his condition required, leaving his fate to his fate. Systematically, he ignored and underestimated the symptoms and signs compatible with insufficiency heart disease that were reported to him by people outside the medical team and that he personally had the opportunity to evaluate,” prosecutors stipulated in their resolution.
  • Augustine Cosachov. The specialist fulfilled the role of Maradona’s psychiatrist and the officials of the San Isidro Prosecutor’s Office suspect that she was in charge of prescribing the psychiatric medication that the Gymnastics DT was taking at the time and also who signed the discharge from the Olivos Clinic. The prosecutors consider that she did not ensure “the correct administration of the medication and psychotropics, ignoring the adverse effects and eluding the appropriate controls and / or studies for the purposes of her evolution.”
  • Carlos Angel “Charly” Diaz. Maradona’s psychologist, the 30-year-old man entered the medical staff at the hands of the lawyer and representative of “10”, Matías Morla. He is considered one of the members of the “medical treating team”: they accuse him of “manipulating” the family “proposing that everything that was happening was the product of Maradona’s free and spontaneous decision, alleging that he ‘needed space’ “.
  • Nancy Edith Forlini. Physician in charge of the Home Care Management of the Swiss Medical company and coordinator for the prepaid home hospitalization of Maradona. They consider that she failed to comply with the minimum duties she was responsible for, for example, providing nursing staff in mental health, therapeutic and nutritional support, in addition to claiming for adequate devices for treatment.
  • Mariano Ariel Perroni. He was the coordinator of nurses for the “Medidom” company, subcontracted to provide nurses and doctors for Maradona’s home hospitalization. He is the one targeted for filling out medical care forms, “omitting to record his seats completely and adequately, deliberately entering information that was not consistent with the real state and medical care that Diego Armando Maradona received,” according to prosecutors.
  • Ricardo Omar Almiron, Dahiana Gisela Madrid, Pedro Pablo Di Spagna. These are three nurses who were left in charge of the care of Ten. The prosecution believes that the three failed to fulfill their duties as they would have refrained, according to prosecutors, from regularly monitoring the patient’s health status.

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