Diego Vázquez is presented as coach of the Honduran National Team and makes a request for those summoned

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

Diego Martin Vazquez He was presented this afternoon as the new coach of the Honduran National Team, showing himself to be very happy with this new challenge and assures that his mind is already set on the debut against Curaçao.

The Argentine, who is supported by the success he had on the Motagua bench, where he won six titles, arrived at the conference along with his technical assistant Ninrod Medina.


“Very excited, eager to rehearse, to work and to do things well, to thank the Selection Commission for trusting us because it is not a minor thing since almost all the national soccer leaders are there and they have chosen us for We thank all of them for this process and we hope that we can repay that trust with positive results. Soccer is winning, winning, and this coaching staff from the process that lasted eight and a half years and the word that was heard is winning and we are going to continue on that path, ”he began by saying about his arrival at the Bicolor.

‘La Barbie’ will change his perspective as the coach of Honduras. “We are going to walk a path. We practically know all the players, so after being in this football for so many years, we know everything and from that knowledge and that base we can give positive things to the National Team and enhance the players we have by making a good team since football is not a individual sport but it is in group”.


When asked if it was a dream for him to lead the Honduran National Team, Vázquez did not hesitate in his answer: “Yes, sure, I said it a moment ago, meritocracy, I think that in football nobody gives you anything and we have the opportunity to treat to capture everything we have done over the years in the most important team in the country, which is the Honduran national team”.

He is going to follow the same line of play or look for new strategies: “The main thing is the next thing and the next thing is to go play against Curaçao, and we have our heads in that, based on the analysis of that team that is led by a Dutch coach and he has many players in Europe and from there we are going to choose the players and come up with a game plan and choose a system that is the one that we think is best for those games”.

His work plan: “Surely next week we are going to start, we are going to make a preliminary list with local players who are available with some legionnaire that can be incorporated who are also available and from then on this weekend there will be the finalists. We ask for the collaboration of the teams that reach the final that it be finished as soon as possible, if it is better next week, to have the players, bearing in mind that the selection is the most important thing since it is vital to qualify for the Gold Cup and ask for that collaboration so that the finals take place next week”.

Diego Vázquez in his first press conference as Honduras coach.


Diego also referred to the current situation of the legionnaires: “With the issue of the legionnaires, some are not available due to injury, but those who are, we will try to generate a good environment for them to come and join, not to see them as saviors that many times You can see from the outside that they come and they are the saviors, it seems to me that in that aspect it is not like that, they have to come to contribute and generate a good atmosphere with the locals so that they can show their talent, which is more than proven, that is why they play in Europe or in soccer outside. Nor can we see that they are the ones who come and are saviors, we must create an environment of harmony and that they can demonstrate their talent without demanding more from them.

Things to improve: “We have to improve… a lot of details that have to be improved, there has to be team cohesion because sometimes you can have many stars but if you don’t have a good team it’s difficult to have good results. We have been beaten in mental strength, in the emotional, so we have to change that part and then work on it with internal psychology”.

What he asks of the players to be summoned: “The characteristics that are committed to the national team, to Honduras, that they want to be, to give the best to the country, which I think they always have. Then the characteristics of the players that we like, they saw it throughout our period and that idea is not going to change much in this coaching staff because that’s why they chose us and that’s why we’re here and we’re going to strengthen and improve that”.

Vázquez spoke about what his base will be and hopes that the final of the 2022 Clausura Tournament will be played as soon as possible. “Surely next week we will work with all those available, doing a microcycle with players who are not in the final and hopefully it will be played as quickly as possible to have them all available. It does not mean that we are with a certain team, we have no commitments with any team, the best will be there and the players that this coaching staff deems appropriate will give their best and will lead Honduras to qualify for the Gold Cup” .

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