Diet or exercise, which is better to keep fit?

If there is a time of the year when the body is looked at with a magnifying glass, that is the summer. The moment of uncovering arrives and although the messages of ‘body positive’ they remind us that all bodies are beautiful, regardless of their size or condition, the truth is that a good part of the population tries to lose weight. According to a recent study carried out by the Siken brand, 82% of Spaniards followed a diet last year, and 48% did so with the aim of losing a few kilos for the summer.

But according to conclusions of said work, going on a diet on your own is not the best and, in any case, it is never enough: only 37% of those who started the diet the term with success, a higher percentage, 38%, did it “halfway” and no less than 25% abandoned it shortly after starting it, risking the dreaded rebound effect.

The experts say: “It is not only important what you eat to get the body ready in the summer, the physical activity It is also essential for the loss of weight“, says Mireia Tomás Lodeiro, a graduate in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences and personal trainer of the Medical Option Clinic.

Although in this sense the first question we must ask ourselves is how much do we have to lose so as not to leave our health in the attempt? “What healthy lossit is recommended to lose between half a kilo and a kilo of fat (which is not always equivalent to weight) a week”, replies Miriam Thomas.

What is more important, diet or exercise?

“The goal should be to maintain a healthy weight without resorting to diets,” he replies Carmen Diaz, director of the wellness and beauty center Goya de Germaine de Capuccini. And for this it is important both a healthy diet -“which does not prevent indulging in some momentary whim”, points out Carmen Díaz-, as well as a lifestyle healthy -“which involves the regular practice of physical exercise to stay active and leave aside the sedentary life”-.

And, according to a study on obesity and sport commissioned by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) of the United States, the most effective way to lose weight is to combine diet and exercise physical. The results of the research concluded that the average weight loss was greater in the dieting work group and exercise (lost 10.8% of body weight) compared to those who only did diet (8.5%) or only practiced exercise (2.4%).

ALT Is it better to diet or exercise to lose weight?


What happens if I don’t diet and exercise?

When it comes to losing weight, what matters more, diet or exercise? According to Nike experts, physical activity accounts for an average of 5% of total daily energy expenditure (GEDT), which is the number of calories burned in a day. This index is conditioned by several factors, among others the ageheight, weight, gender, level of exercise and body composition. And he is the one who marks our weight: “If you create a calorie surplus (eat more than you need), you will gain. If you create a calorie deficit (eat less or burn more), you will lose,” they explain. And “if you’re eating more than your GEDT you’ll gain weight, even if you’re working hard at Gym. you can burn 500 calories during a workout, but if you’re overeating a thousand, you’ll go around in a circle,” they say.

Is it better to eat less or exercise more?

To lose weight “you don’t have to eat less, you have to eat better”, he assures Roberto Conesa, personal trainer specialized in nutrition at DomoPersonal. “The fundamental requirement is not to pass hunger because that is doomed to failure. In the long term it is unfeasible”. And yes, you have to do more exercise. “If I start a diet in which I eat less and less, the tendency is to lose muscle mass. But if I move and exercise, I don’t lose the musclethat is why it is important to maintain muscle mass to promote weight loss. fatConesa says.

To burn calories quickly “you must do a exercise aerobic exercise that you like (running, cycling, swimming…), so you won’t give up. Ideally, do it four to five days a week. week for a minimum of 30 minutes since from that time is when the dressings begin to burn fat“, it states Miriam Thomas.

After the aerobic routine you have to perform anaerobic exercises, those that require effort for a short period of time. “You must prioritize those who work the area you want to improve, and finish the routine stretching good to avoid injuries and stiffness”, says the expert. Aerobic and anaerobic exercises must be different every day, both the type of exercise and its duration (exercise time and rest time) since “the muscles they get used to the movements, they become more efficient and consume less energy, therefore, the burning of calories will decrease if we always do the same routine“, concludes the personal trainer of the Medical Option Clinic.

ALT Diet or exercise, which is better to lose weight?


What percentage is diet and what percentage is exercise?

As stated by Adriana Alvarado, a doctor at the Clinical Nutrition Center (CNC), “it is easier cut calories that burn down calories”. That is, when it comes to losing weight, 75% of the result comes from controlling the feeding and the remaining 25% from exercise practice.

The question is to eat healthy and control hunger so as not to fall into excesses. For the first, Carmen Diaz recommends “going for seasonal vegetables and fruits, lean meats, fish and healthy fats”. It also insists on the benefits of having a weekly menu. “Plan meals in a way aware ensures you a healthier diet; you’ll eat better and save money,” he says.

control hunger

The second part, check hunger and the desire to “snack and sin”, it can become a bit complicated in the summer months, but there are some tips that help, and that details Monica Llop, nutritionist and dietitian of the Nutrition and Dietetics Unit of the Medical Option Clinic:

  • Create a healthy environment in the fridge, fruits and vegetables must predominate.
  • eat mindfully, dedicating time to food so that our body does not seek intake in a short time.
  • Avoid boring, an entertaining person will not be hungry.
  • use dessert plates with the aim of eating less quantity, seeing the full plate will not leave you with the feeling of having eaten little.
  • chew well each bite, to encourage a feeling of fullness and ensure a smoother digestion.
  • avoid distractions technological since they favor the intake of faster food.
  • Eat at least 20 minutes to give the satiety hormone time to activate. You have to lengthen the meal so that the brain captures the satiety signal.

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