Dieter de Quinte Dello Spot with Emirates Brand Ambassador Penelope Cruz

While the advertising campaign of Emirates and Penelope Cruz comes to the broadcast of its television programs for the diverse Pacey in English and Spanish, Emirates has released an exclusive video of the fifth team that shows how much production is required for a television campaign The one who is rotating all’ the inner is wide. In a huge aeromobile, Emirates Cabin Equipment did not get the opportunity to interview Cross.

To kick off the campaign, actress Penélope Cruz flew to Dubai for a week, during which she aired a series of spots showcasing the immortals and special shows that were exclusive to Emirates’ First and Business Class customers. Experience, in which an Artigianelle drink is served. Onboard lounge dell’A380, on a table above the clouds, from Tifo to a portion of Calcium broadcast directly on TV, to taste, generous portions of Lusso Cavial. The new film with five shows members of the Emirates cabin crew who follow the story, with exclusive commentary for Penelope Staysa’s experience.

To make it happen, Emirates Production required a huge amount of labor and a team of hundreds of experts. Here are some experiences of the download process:

  1. 160 people directly attended the premiere of Quest Spot – 36 international troupes and 125 troupes and artists locally.
  2. Penélope Cruz is a member of the Emirates Airline symbol, the iconic aircraft “on the other side”, the A380.
  3. It was planned and released in record time and produced a total of 1,488 production dollars for approximately 165 days of work.
  4. Because you can be informed that if you fly to the airport, all 160 people receive special permission from the officials of the Emirati Arab units to access all the areas reserved and highly protected.
  5. We only need 10 large trucks to transport all the catering equipment and equipment.
  6. Emirates has created a green room inside the hangar to allow the cast to participate outside the set.
  7. For safety reasons, some tools can be used to remove the scaricata, scansionata, controllata e caricata sui trucks dell’aeroporto, per poi essere imaginata in un hangar visino all’aero.
  8. To create “cinematic” illumination inside the A380, it is necessary to create illuminated floors using 8 elevators to force the arm.
  9. The lucky members of Cabin Equipment who were able to find and interview Penelope Cruz were Doyle Kim in Australia and Alessandra Piper in the United Kingdom.
  10. My all-new television spots were directed and produced by Oscar-winning Hollywood Regista Robert Stromberg. Production house Ridley Scott Associates has backed the television spot series and multi-award-winning creative studio Framestore has backed it when it comes to special effects.

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