Difficulty giving fourth dose

The latest news in real time on Covid in Italy and in the world updates today, Thursday 12 May 2022. In yesterday’s bulletin 42,249 cases and 115 deaths. Edcd: “No masks in flight obligation from May 16”. Minister Speranza: “With the vaccines we will have a quiet summer”. Medical orders: “We register difficulties in administering the fourth dose”. Experts warn about the risk of a new spike in infections after the summer with Omicron variants under observation. Pal├╣ (Aifa): “Possible anti Omicron vaccine for all in autumn”.

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Gimbe: “Dangerous to wait for autumn for the fourth dose, to be done immediately”

“Taking into account the particular fragility of the audience at risk and the high viral circulation, the fourth dose of the anti-Covid vaccine must be done immediately”. This was reported by Nino Cartabellotta in the weekly monitoring of the Gimbe foundation. According to Cartabellotta, waiting for the autumn for the fourth dose of the vaccine is dangerous. Monitoring

Covid, the EU warns: “We must be ready for autumn”

“We are passing the most acute phase of the pandemic, we are out of the emergency, but we are entering another phase of the pandemic. The virus is still with us, it infects and circulates. Vaccination and immunity give us a window of opportunity,” but we must be prepared for autumn and winter and we must protect the most fragile population. ” This was stated by the European Commissioner for Health, Stella Kyriakides, in a hearing at the special commission of the European Parliament on Covid-19. “Vaccination remains the most effective tool. We still have over 100 million unvaccinated or partially vaccinated Europeans.

Vaccine: 137,201,225 administrations, 410,701 fourth doses

137,201,225 doses of vaccine against Covid-19 administered so far in Italy, 96.7 percent of those delivered, equal to 141,897,324, of which 95,340,744 by Pfizer / BioNtech, 25,443,496 by Moderna, 11,514,521 from Vaxzevria-AstraZeneca, 6,726,093 from Pfizer pediatric, 1,849,470 from Janssen and 1,023,000 from Novavax. The people who have completed the vaccination cycle are 48,615,073 equal to 90.04 per cent of the population over 12. This is what emerges from the bulletin on the progress of the vaccination campaign by the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Health and the structure Commissioner for the health emergency, updated at 06:18 today. The total number of healed for a maximum of six months is equal to 1,922,428, 3.56 per cent of the population over 12 recovered for no more than 6 months without any administration. 39,436,433 additional / booster doses were then administered, equal to 82.67 per cent of the population potentially subject to such administrations, who completed the vaccination cycle for at least four months. 49,383,876 people have received at least one dose of the vaccine, equal to 91.46 percent of the over 12 population. 95.02 per cent of the over 12 population.

Farewell to masks in flight and at the airport, but not in Italy: when the obligation will end

From next May 16, goodbye to masks on airplanes and airports, but not in Italy: in our country the ordinance of Minister Speranza remains in force.

North Korea, Kim Jong-un orders total lockdown after the first case of Covid since the beginning of the pandemic

North Korean President Kim Jong-un has ordered the lockdown for all cities in the country after the identification of the first case of Covid-19 since the beginning of the pandemic.

Draghi: “Because of Covid, we have suffered a much more acute economic shock than elsewhere in Europe”

“Italy has gone through extremely difficult times in recent years. We have faced the pandemic before anyone else in the Western world. We have suffered an economic shock much more acute than elsewhere in Europe. We are now experiencing the return of war on our continent, which threatens. our security, our prosperity, our energy security. And this happens for the first time since the Second World War. Yet, as it has done over and over again in its magnificent history, Italy has recovered “. This was said by Prime Minister Mario Draghi, receiving the award as Distinguished international leader from the Atlantic Council in Washington.

The news on Covid-19 today, Thursday 12 May

In yesterday’s bulletin, 42,249 new cases of Covid-19 were recorded, down from the previous day. The total number of infections since the beginning of the pandemic reaches 16,915,301. 115 deaths were confirmed on the last day, bringing the total to 164,846. In the last 24 hours, 294,611 swabs were carried out between molecular and antigenic swabs. The positivity rate is 14.3% (-0.7%). This is the situation region by region:

    • Lombardy: +6.157
    • Veneto: +4141
    • Campania: +4.356
    • Emilia Romagna: +3.892
    • Lazio: +3.859
    • Piedmont: +2.481
    • Tuscany: +2365
    • Sicily: +2.767
    • Puglia: +2673
    • Liguria: +941
    • Brands: +1.275
    • Friuli-Venezia Giulia: +793
    • Abruzzo: +1391
    • Calabria: +1309
    • Umbria: +789
    • PA Bolzano: +368
    • Sardinia: +1.580
    • PA Trento: +291
    • Basilicata: +452
    • Molise: +302
    • Aosta Valley: +67

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