Digging through the garbage, in a scrapyard, collecting remains from the street… The story of Sevali, Rosalía’s fetish designer

Sebastián Albornoz, the creative director of the French firm, began designing after “falling in love” with Kate Winslet.

During the last six years, rosalia He has surprised the world with his impressive vocal power and his infinite creativity when it comes to composing. Your sense of fashion has also attracted attention. Some critics say that she is a “genius” and others that she has become “the most iconic choni in Spain” with “looks rescued from the very Patricia’s Diary“.

What’s more, enough googling “Rosalía’s worst looks” to find true albums dedicated to their most daring outfits. As the quilt you used in Saturday night Livehe ribbon giant who dressed in a photo call from LOS40 and a curious outfit that she wore to a Rihanna event, which earned her headlines such as “Rosalía is not wearing a cheap cheap flea market copy of Louis Vuitton!… Although it seems so.”

Two years ago, the one from San Esteve landed on the red carpet of the fenty parade with a set full of poorly made belts, bags and logos. A situation that caused his fans were divided on two sides. However, in Paris, the designer of his look was dying of laughter. In fact, Chilean Sebastian Albornoz -the founder of the fashion house Sevali- assures that he was flattered among so many “witty” and funny opinions.

“I loved reading it all. I don’t care if people like it or not what seems relevant to me is to provoke something in people. I love that people put their own interpretation on everything. It fascinates me to see that the press write articles about the brand and that things are invented. They say that Sevali tried to show ‘this’ and ‘this concept’ and, perhaps, it was never the idea, but they revitalize your work and energize it,” Albornoz comments to LOC.

But what was it that Sevali really wanted to convey with that look? “My initial thought was make fun of overconsumption. That is why the singer was full of bags and things, in addition to wearing a print that she was trying to do a satire on the Louis Vuitton collection with Takashi Murakami. And yes, some people didn’t like it. But Rosalía opened many doors for me. I owe him a lot.” Explain.

According to Sevali, after the “propagation” of Rosalía’s costume, different celebrities called her atelier. Between them, Doja Cat -who wore the same suit dedicated to overconsumption-, Kylie Jenner, gigi hadid, smooth of Black Pink and Alexa Demie of Euphoria. All interested in wearing such a viral look and, of course, so original. And it is that Sevali make unique garments… and in a way very unconventional.

Sebastián Albornoz is 32 years old and his creativity awoke when I was seven. And no, it wasn’t overnight. Was when he saw titanic. “I started designing after seeing Kate Winslet and the costumes in the film. A lot of emotions came from that film and I wanted to interpret that from a fashion point of view, I wanted to project that inner world”, points.

Thus, upon reaching the age of majority, Albornoz entered the design career and soon began to travel the world. “I did my bachelor’s degree at the Istituto Marangoni, and later I did a master’s degree at Central Saint Martins, which is the school of Stella McCartney and Galliano. I did internships at Alexander McQueen, Tom Ford, Balmain and then Demna Gvasalia invited me to be part of Vetements, in her first year at Balmain,” she says.

And although Albornoz drank a lot of Gvasalia, the designer quickly began working on another concept: upcycling or supracycling. A movement that tries take advantage of waste to create new materials. And that is precisely what he does. Sebastian rummage through the trash, dive the junkyards and collects remains from the street to do his works.

For example, Sevali has made monkeys with leather car seats, corsets with FedEx packaging, dresses with subway tickets, tops with old sneakers and suits with pieces of mattresses. “I think that everything can be transformed. From seat belts to bills”, he mentions her about his atypical way of working.

“For me, everything has happened quite organically. And from the beginning. It wasn’t like I woke up one morning and said ‘look, now I want to start recycling everything I find’. I feel like it was born because, Since I was little, I liked to ‘repair’ things. I think that this is synonymous with reliving them and perhaps that is the reason why I love them resurrect abandoned objects,” he says.

“Plus, it’s all been so much fun. Today many artists contact me and I think ‘those people have access to all the clothes in the world, million-dollar brands, everyone is dying to wear them and, despite everything, they choose a Sevali’. And maybe that doesn’t mean anything to them, it’s just another dress, but for me it is like ‘oh my God’, because what I offer them before was something else,” he says.

In fact, Albornoz’s latest project is a collection of 13 looks, created with Levi’s jeans and jackets, which will be presented this weekend at Lollapalooza in Chile and which tries to show that they can be recycle vintage clothes and create completely new things. “There are few garments in the imagination that are as recognizable as a pair of jeans. But I think they can be deconstructed in an unexpected way. But without losing the essence, of course. The idea is to exalt their language”, final.

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