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This Wednesday, during the presentation of the Ministry of Equality, in Istmina, Chocó, the social leader Dilon Martínez, representative of the Civic Committee for the Salvation and Dignity of Chocó, attacked the Minister of the Interior, Alfonso Prada.

This event was attended by local and national authorities, such as the vice president, Francia Márquez, as well as Minister Prada, who apparently had not arrived when the leader spoke.

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The idea, according to the presenter of the event, was for the social leader to speak about the importance for the community of the Ministry of Equality, which is one of the flagship projects of the Petro government.

But Martínez went further and criticized the Minister of the Interior: “With friends like that, why enemies,” asked one of the leaders of the Chocó civic strike in 2016 and 2017.

Dilon Martinez, social leader of Chocó.


Taken from Dilon Martinez’s Facebook

He began his intervention by remembering when they filled the streets of the cities of the department singing their anthem and to the sound of “the people respect damn it.”

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“At the sound of our drums we won an agreement that opened the doors for the dignity of the inhabitants of this region, but unfortunately for us they have been more frustrations than satisfactions, since the pettiness of those who have led the Colombian State has prevented said agreements are fully implemented.

added that these agreements are currently deposited in the Ministry of the Interior, which is led by Prada.

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“We considered him our friend, but with friends like that, why enemies? Mr. Alfonso Prada has not had the nobility to convene the monitoring tables of the agreements, not even because a national decree that establishes the procedures for that these agreements be evaluated,” added the leader.

For this reason, he requested “respect for our conquests” and he recalled that they worked for Petro to come to power.

And he asked the State to convene said follow-up tables so that said commitments can be reflected in the National Development Plan.


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