Diogo de Oliveira should have made a clarification

Diogo de Oliveira had to clarify his publication on networks, which was interpreted as a farewell to Pumas UNAM.

Diogo clarified that, at least for the moment, he stays in Pumas.
© imago7Diogo clarified that, at least for the moment, he stays in Pumas.

In the process of transition at the UNAM Pumas campus, any rumor or publication on networks can attract the attention of fans and press more easily. Such happened to striker Diogo de Oliveira with a post on his Instagram account, which was interpreted by public opinion as a farewell.

“First of all I thank God for everything, because without him nothing is possible. Thank you very much fans for having supported us at all times, thanks for your love. Thanks to all the friends and family of Pumas. Grateful to have the best hobby”wrote the Brazilian on the social network, almost in unison that Washington Corozo used the same route to say goodbye.

Due to the confusion that was generated, Diogo de Oliveira himselfthis time through a film, saw it necessary to go out and clarify which were phrases that he only reflected to show his gratitude. I am passing by to clarify that I am not leaving Pumas, I am just thanking for the support of the fans during the season”he pointed.

Therefore, so far, the only casualties of the campus male professional commanded by Andrés Lillini of the National University Club, which, by the way, were announced for the institution, are: Washington Corozo, Sebastián Saucedo and José Rogério. It remains to be seen what will happen to other elements such as, for example, Alfredo Talavera, Alan Mozo, Efraín Velarde, Higor Meritao and Juan Ignacio Dinenno, among others.

Andrés Lillini stays at Pumas UNAM

After a few weeks in which he was associated with other Liga MX teams, Andrés Lillini will finally stay with the UNAM Pumas for at least six more months. In December his contract ends and he would have a word agreement with Leopoldo Silva to evaluate the renewal as the second half of 2022 progresses.

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