Dior profits soar thanks to commercials with Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is perhaps one of the most recognized stars in Hollywood and for decades he was loved by the public thanks to his talent and charisma. While the star of Young Scissorhands – 91% spent years at the top of the industry, his career began to unravel when the controversial legal dispute with actress Amber Heard broke out.

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After being fired from countless studios and losing major contracts, Depp he found himself pushed out of the industry almost entirely and it looked like the actor might never get back on his feet. However, there was one company that did not cut ties with Depp and this was Dior, who kept the artist as the face of advertisements for its Dior Sauvage fragrance.

Although the French brand was criticized for not firing Johnny like the rest, things took a positive turn and now Dior enjoys the rewards that not letting go of Depp Is bringing. After having emerged victorious from the intense trial for defamation where he faced his ex-wife, Depp she was finally able to clear her name and begin to rebuild her career. It didn’t take long for her Dior commercials to become a hit and now the company couldn’t be happier to have retained his relationship with the Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl actor. 79% even when going through difficult times.

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According to a recent financial report from LVMH, the French multinational conglomerate, which has control over Dior (via cinemablend), Dior Sauvage was a “perfume sales leader” that experienced impressive growth and is seen as one of the parent company’s top revenue points in 2022. According to the report, sales success was “image-driven.” by Johnny Depp.” bernard arnaultCEO of the company, pointed out that the commercials that have Depp they are “working very well”.

Johnny Depp He began his relationship with Dior in 2015 and has been the face of the Sauvage fragrance ever since. Her decision to have kept Depp as the product’s lead image was a risky move when the actor was accused of domestic violence. However, things turned in their favor. Depp and therefore from Dior, who is already reaping the fruits of having placed his trust in the great Hollywood star. Furthermore, Dior not only did not end his relationship with Deppbut according to the report, he recently extended his contract.

unfortunately for Johnny, the studios weren’t as kind to him as Dior. When the actor lost the first UK libel suit, Warner Bros. fired him and brought in Mads Mikkelsen as his replacement in the Fantastic Beasts saga. Even before this, Disney severed his relationship with Deppsnatching the role of Captain Jack Sparrow from him.

Now that things are going much better for Johnny, fans are hopeful that the actor will reprise the role of the beloved Captain Sparrow. Although some time ago Depp assured that he would never work on the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise again, audiences still want him back as the drunken buccaneer on the big screen.

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