Director Joachim Zunke signs with Good Times Productions for US representation

Good Times has announced the signing of Joachim (JoJo) Zunke to their talent roster. The newly launched production company will represent Joachim for commercial and branded content in the US. He was previously represented by the Society.

Joachim rose to international prominence with his highly acclaimed spot, “The Thief”, which was announced as Adweek’s Advertisement of the Day. Described as “breaking the mold of inappropriately shiny hair advertising”, the hilariously knitted spot follows a woman plucked from her daily commute with a tragically oblivious lost souls from the arduous journey to the office. The one who sent the ‘mystery girl’ is in pain. ”With perfect hair. In addition to this original work, her commercial work spans automotive, beauty and sports for global brands including Vogue, Cadillac, Adidas, Mini Cooper and artists such as Brooklyn Beckham, Sadie Sink, Judith Hill, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Akua Naru . Gallons drunk, and tons of steins of sherben.

On the agency collaboration process, Joachim elaborated, “If you are creative, you do this work simply because you have a visual sense. It is free to pursue an idea. When you work with other creators who have it all, suddenly you feel at home. You start making eye contact and take away the fear of the unknown.”

His recent projects with BMW for the M-Series and I Vision Circular are carefully crafted worlds that highlight Joachim’s penchant for drawing the audience in with dynamic camera work, rich textures, color and shadow.

Executive producer Corwin Carroll commented, “Eric and I love the work on the car and we love what JoJo brings to it.” He is present throughout his work.”

Joachim’s first immersion in film came from his father, who enjoyed analog photography, walking around with his Nikon and Pentax cameras. When Joachim became a musician at a young age he absorbed all the creative buzz of being in a band, doing photography for album artwork, designing promotional collages, and eventually shooting music videos. His desire to create dramatic, distinctly modern and extremely unique images led him into the music video scene and eventually directing commercials around the world.

Executive producer Eric McCaslin shared, “JoJo is easy to get along with, she’s talented and smart.” “We started Good Times to create a way to spend time with people we want to dine with, and we get to experience that camaraderie and connection with JoJo’s. “It’s wonderful to have him on board.”

“When you decide to launch a company, it comes from another drive,” Joachim said. “Good Times is taking a whole new shot at the way to do things and it’s great to be a part of that.”

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