Director of “Juan de los muertos” on the death of Alexis Díaz de Villegas: “I am destroyed”

Alexander Bruguesmovie director, film director Juan of the Deadmourned the death of Cuban actor Alexis Díaz de Villegas, whom he considered his muse and friend.

“I can’t. I’m destroyed. A piece so big has gone that I don’t know what to do with this hole. My muse, my friend, my brother has gone,” the director wrote on his Instagram account about the protagonist of one of the most important films of his career.

Diaz de Villegas, an outstanding Cuban actor, theater director and professor, passed away this Friday in Havana and the news of his death shocked thousands of Cubans and artists on the island.

“From the moment Juan got into my head, it was Alexis. We were going to do it a year before and he was sick and undergoing treatment and he told me that he was not going to be able to do it and I told him that without him there would be no Juan, and no one questioned it and we waited for it to be okay. And we went to war, because that’s what making a movie is, and not only did we win it but we did something so magical that it changed our lives, and whenever I saw you you complained that you couldn’t even go out on the street without someone yelling “Juan” at you. I’ve been looking at all the photos from the shoot for days and I remember every moment and every joke and every anger. Anyone who shared a scene with you or looked at you through a lens knows that it was like looking at the sun and that you blew up the camera with your energy,” said Brugués.

In his emotional post, Argentine filmmaker trained at the San Antonio de Los Baños International Film SchoolCuba, stated “my little brother has left me and we still have many films to make”.

“Whenever I sit down to write something new I think what role is for you. In each script there is something of yours. The pride that I have felt when seeing in the production office of some of those projects huge lists of names of actors for all the characters , but only yours for which I wrote for you and that no one questions me, and I have imagined directing you in each one of them and I know exactly what you are going to discuss with me and how it will turn out for us”, said the director, who assures that without Díaz de Villegas he is no longer interested in those projects, which will probably be shelved.

He narrated that a few days ago he spoke with the actor and they laughed talking about new projects. “All of this remains pending for us. Have a good trip, my little brother. Wait for me where you are, that you and I are going to meet again and do all these things and we are going to kick her out,” she stressed.

At 56 years old, Díaz de Villegas enjoyed the admiration of his audience for his acting excellence and became one of the best artists of his generation.

Owner of an incredible trajectory within the theater of the island, Díaz de Villegas, a native of the Cienfuegos municipality of Cumanayagua, also triumphed in the cinemawith titles like Juan of the Dead, kangamba, three times two, The horn of plenty Y Havana Blues.

The first Cuban zombie movie, directed by Alejandro Brugués, conquered the viewers of the island, as it combines the most refreshing sense of humor, the harsh criticism of Cuban society, and the love-hate relationship with the Americans.

Its success was such that in 2013 it won the Goya Award for Best Ibero-American Film. In addition to Díaz de Villegas, Cuban actors Jorge Molina and Andros Perugorría (son of Jorge Perugorría) along with Spaniards Andrea Duro and Antonio Dechent participate in the film.

Brugués was born in Buenos Aires and trained at the San Antonio de los Baños International Film and TV School in Cuba, after which he was a screenwriter for several Cuban films and is part of the independent Cuban production company Producciones La 5ta Avenida.

Staff Belongingshis first feature film as a director, was distributed internationally with great success, but Juan of the Dead, starring Díaz de Villegas, has been one of the most important films of his career.

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