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Last Wednesday, the day that FIFA ruled on the complaint imposed by Chile and announced that it had opened a disciplinary procedure to investigate the alleged misalignment of the Ecuadorian national team player Byron Castillo, the Chilean newspaper The Mercury made contact with the General Directorate of the Civil Registry, led by the official Fernando Alvear.

According to other media in the Araucanian country, emmol, The fourth Y Bio BioAlvear refuted what Eduardo Carlezzo, a lawyer for the National Association of Professional Soccer of Chile (ANFP), said and argued that Castillo is an Ecuadorian citizen.

“Mr. Byron David Castillo Segura, appears as an Ecuadorian citizen in the physical and digital records that rest in the General Directorate of Civil Registry, Identification and Identification of Ecuador”, Alvear responded via email to several questions raised by The Mercury.

As noted The fourthAlvear has specified that “the last judicial decision was issued by the Specialized Criminal, Military, Police Criminal and Transit Chamber of the Provincial Court of Justice of Guayas, where it ratifies the information on Mr. Castillo’s birth certificate and determines that was born in the canton of General Villamil Playas, province of Guayas, on November 10, 1998″.

“Alvear, later, consulted about the birth certificate that Chile attached as part of its evidence, and which says that Castillo was born on July 25, 1995 in Colombia, limited himself to pointing out that “in the files of the General Registry Office Civil there is no document that accounts for this fact. It is not the power of the Civil Registry to testify about documents that were not issued in the institution”, reads the website of The fourth.

Regarding a possible action by the Civil Registry, Alvear replied that the entity he directs “is not responsible for taking any action: this case already has a judicial pronouncement.”

Castillo, 23, was summoned for the first time to the Ecuadorian national team by coach Gustavo Alfaro, with a view to the triple date of the tie that will be played in September 2021.

The right-back would make his official debut on the 2nd of that month in the Tri match against Paraguay at the Rodrigo Paz Delgado stadium, in Quito. He played all ninety minutes as part of the 2-0 win.

Version of the ANFP lawyer

In a press conference offered after knowing on Wednesday, May 11, the decision of FIFA to initiate a disciplinary process against Ecuador, the lawyer of the ANFP, Eduardo Carlezzo, considered that the Ecuadorian team “has to assume the consequences” and said he was “I am sure that FIFA is aware of the need to speed up the procedure.”

“This is the starting point of the game, the opening of the process puts the ball on the court and will give the opportunity for the Ecuadorian Football Federation to present its allegations and observations within 10 days,” he said.

“The facts that are set are extremely serious. I have no doubt that the player (Byron Castillo) was born in Colombia and that his departure certificate is Ecuadorian, ”said the lawyer of Brazilian nationality.

In line with this argument, he reiterated that the ANFP legal team understands “in a very clear way that if it is declared that the player used a forged document, that will be considered an infraction of article 21, but the immediate consequence for the player is that he was not eligible for a Selection, therefore article 22 would be applied immediately, a direct sanction that is to give the result to the opposing team by 3-0″.

Chile believes that if it is confirmed that Castillo was born in Colombia and not in Ecuador, article 22 of the FIFA disciplinary code should be applied and the matches in which the Barcelona SC defender participated should be declared lost to Ecuador, which would allow La Roja to climb to fourth place and claim the ticket for the 2022 Qatar World Cup. (D)

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