Disabled musician Emmanuel Kelly launches Outlyer Entertainment with the support of many talents, including Chris Martin, Paul… –

LONDON, May 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Emmanuel Kellysinger, actor, speaker and entrepreneur with disabilities, announces the launch of his new venture, Outlyer Entertainment, with advisory support from Coldplay frontman, Chris Martinhead of Outlyer’s advisory board.

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Outlyer Entertainment is the premier development and production company to meaningfully showcase, encourage and facilitate for talented people with disabilities around the world. It aims to promote a more inclusive approach within the film, television and entertainment industries. music by ending the stigma of people with disabilities. The company has a mantra: “Open the world, differently”.

Outlyer Entertainment will represent and champion talent through its three core departments: Outlyer Talent Agency, Outlyer Record Label and Outlyer Film and TV Production House.

Outlyer Entertainment will work with a hand-picked selection of advisors who will guide the company and offer their expertise on the multitude of topics it intends to cover, with a focus on projects and collaboration with actors, musicians, filmmakers, writers and artists. With Chris Martin at its head, the group of Outlyer advisors includes Paul OakenfoldDJ producer, and Scott Williamsauthor and producer of NCIS.

This team of passionate advisers also includes the blind director, actor, author and co-founder Adam Morsealong with seasoned business executives, the PR and communications expert and co-founder of Outlyer Tim Lucas Allenthe CEO’s coach Rhett Powerthe ex-president of DKNY & FUBU Bernt Ullmanand CEO of Global Citizen Forum Talimka Yordanova. The co-founder of Deekay Music Lars Jensen and Laura Hamed of the Columbus Children’s Foundation.

Outlyer will also carry out its mission in partnership with Think-Film Impact Productionan award-winning media impact analysis organization founded by Danielle Turkov Wilson with specialized expertise at the groundbreaking intersection of cinema and social change.

Think-Film will provide estimates of the strategic impact of Outlyer’s media projects, influencing distribution and marketing and partnerships at the highest levels of influence to improve visibility and access to festivals and markets international. As structural partners of the Marché du Film de walking sticks and co-pioneers of their impACT program, the organization will this year host the first-ever disability-led film festival.

Emmanuel Kelly said : “It has been my goal for many years to be able to focus my efforts on adopting a positive approach towards people with disabilities. We need to educate, empower, empower and create value for those who need our support, using a business and professional approach. I’m very proud to start this business and I’m looking forward to the future and all the opportunities that Outlyer can seize. We need to end the stigma to enable innovation. I am extremely grateful for the support of Chris and the many other sincerely dedicated people who surround me on a daily basis. »

Chris Martin said : “I am honored to support Emmanuel and his team at Outlyer Entertainment as they continue to provide a platform for artists with disabilities in the entertainment industry.

With significant cultural contributions for a very long time – from Kenny Baker to Beethoven – communities of people with disabilities remain essential in music, film and television, and I am delighted that they are better represented.

I look forward to the new talent Outlyer Entertainment will reveal and develop, as we continue to evolve into a more diverse entertainment industry open to everyone, everywhere. »

In 2020, Chris Martin participated in the title Never Alone by Emmanuel Kelly. In the clip, we note the inspiring participations of Demi Lovato, Terrance HowardJK Simmons, Elizabeth Moss, Jean-Claude Van Dame, Pia ToscanoRoyce at 5’9, Vanness WuBrian Grazer and jonathan ross. The track has also been remixed by legendary DJ and producer, Paul Oakenfold.

Outlyer Entertainment Logo

For more information, please contact Gaby Scottgaby@outerinsight.com, or Tim Lucas Allen at tim@theoutlyergroup.com

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