Disadvantages and contraindications of climbing stairs

We have always heard that climbing and descending stairs has many benefits for our body. But we must bear in mind that it is not a recommended activity for everyone, since for some people the stairs are a big obstacle, especially for those who suffer from injuries (in the legs, knees and hips), cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases or Diseases. Diseases that affect the joints or muscles (fibromyalgia or arthritis).

Danger of stairs for old people

For people who suffer from these diseases, something as simple as going up or down a few stairs to walk around the floors of their house can be an odyssey (physical exhaustion, pain…) and at the same time, a great one. Might be possible. Due to risk, danger of suffering. Fall. In these cases, prevention is always the best solution to avoid household accidents and it is advisable to consider installing some solutions regarding access in the home that will be a safe long-term investment as we all age.

Stairlift provides peace of mind and safety

To improve the quality of life and avoid this insecurity, it is best to consider the possibility of installing a single-family elevator or stairlift, two of the most sought-after solutions to improve accessibility in homes.

in the opinion of Reuben CremletEngineer and commercial director of the Navarra company Imcalift Elevación Stairlifts, also known as stairlifts, are ideal for older people or those with reduced mobility. More and more are being installed, as they improve the quality of life at home and provide security and comfort to older people and peace of mind to their families and close environments who see reduced risks at home .

Price from 2,500 euros

Its price is more reasonable than other products such as single-family lifts or vertical lifts, as there is no work required for its installation. There are solutions with prices for all budgets. You can have a straight chair installed in your home for 2,500 euros (price includes VAT and installation).

Those who want to eliminate architectural obstacles in their home by installing an elevator or stairlift should know that they have access to assistance offered by Offices of Housing and Building Rehabilitation (ORVE). From Imcalift they will advise you without any obligation, they will confirm whether in your case you meet the requirements to request assistance and what steps must be followed.

imcalift, accessibility specialist

Anticipate events and improve the quality of life in your home. To try out the different models of stairlift, visit the Navaris company Imcaelift Elevación, located in Mutilava, or make an appointment by calling 948 23 59 74 or through their website www.imcaelevación.es. They will advise you free of charge and without any obligation.


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