Disbelief of a former Cruz Azul for the signing of Carlos Vargas

The Mazatlán defender would be the third reinforcement of the cement companies for this Clausura 2023 of the Liga MX.

The player has not yet debuted in the Clausura 2023
© Image 7The player has not yet debuted in the Clausura 2023

Cruz Azul would be very close to closing its third incorporation in this transfer market. Sources close to the club assure that the signing of Carlos Vargas is only a matter of hours and that the left defender would soon arrive in Mexico City to stamp his signature as a new cement player.

In case what is an open secret is confirmed, the still Mazatlán player would become the third signing of La Máquina during this transfer window after the arrivals of Ramiro Carrera and Augusto Lotti, both already registered in Liga MX and are expected to see minutes on date 2 of Clausura 2023.

But unlike the latter two, the signing of Carlos Vargas has generated more questions than answers. In fact, Emanuel Villa even questioned it and was incredulous at the announcement of the news. “Carlos Vargas? He is net? “, wrote the former striker of the celestial on his social networks.

And it is that there are not few who compare the arrival of Vargas with that of Alonso Escoboza last tournament, players who do not come to take ownership or fight for the position, but rather to act as spare parts when necessary in a uncompetitive squad. Another who was also not happy with the decision was the journalist Javier Alarcón.

“There were better times”

Carlos Vargas, Americanist promise that was never achieved, to Cruz Azul. Modest hiring. There were better times.”, wrote the communicator through his Twitter account. The truth is that Vargas has not generated emotion of any kind among the fans and there are not a few who venture a ‘very’ long semester for the cement cause.

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