Disco Eye, the makeup trend that triumphs on TikTok because it takes years

Is autumn/winter season 2022-2023 something has happened with glitter, and it is that its fame has been so widespread, that we have seen it in each and every one of its versions. From precious dresses that are perfect like this model that we have copied from Tamara Falcó, to shoes, accessories and especially brilliant jewellery.

We have freaked out with Úrsula Corberó's makeup and we already know how to do it step by step


We have freaked out with Úrsula Corberó’s makeup and we already know how to do it step by step

There are no limits when it comes to talking about him: rhinestones are everywhere, and has crossed each and every one of its borders. She not only conquers the most striking fashion, but has moved (and with great success) to the hair and, above all, to the makeup. And be careful, because this recent landing is not temporary.

Specifically, her fame focuses on eye makeup that has captivated thousands of influencers, celebrities, and other celebrities from around the world. We have seen glitter in the make up of Aitana Y Dua Lipain the it girls as Chiara Ferragni, Martha Lozano either leonie hanne; and also in fictional characters from the world of cinema and series that we love above all things, such as the characters from Euphoria.


Precisely his arrival beauty to the world of cinema, is what led to great designers like the New Yorker michael halpern to catch this festive spirit which is perfect for any time of the year. Either for an elegant occasion, or to turn any of your daily looks around.

What is Disco Eye

The disc eye, also known as the latest trend on TikTok that is rocking it, aims to make your eyes shine and be the stars of your makeup. There are several ways to wear itfrom showing off little strass stones in the tear duct to decorating your entire eye as an eyeliner emulating a shower of stars.

In addition, it favors all types of faces, and despite the fact that it is a trend that has made generation Z fashionable, this rejuvenating touch is suitable for all ages. You just have to dare, choose your favorite eyeliner and some sparkles to decorate your look with a lot of style.

MAC Brushstroke Pencil

MAC Brushstroke Pencil

Precise, fast and very easy to use for a perfect and impeccable outline. In a simple gesture you can draw a perfect line, thick or thin, in a single movement.

Party Lab Stickers from You Are The Princess

Party Lab Stickers from You Are The Princess

Perfect to let your imagination run wild, this pack decorates your face and body with these waterproof jewel stickers. Combine them with your make-up and create different looks.

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