Discover Rihanna’s Favorite Spots in NYC

New York City, the cradle of cultures and cuisines, is known for attracting celebrities with its diverse culinary scene. Among the stars who have visited the city’s restaurants is Barbadian singer, actress and businesswoman Rihanna. His diverse taste in food reflects his versatile career and has been seen at various dining establishments in the Big Apple.

Italian charm at Emilio’s Balletto
One of Rihanna’s favorite places to enjoy Italian cuisine is Emilio’s Ballato, located in Nolita. This cozy old restaurant run by Emilio Vitolo Sr. is known for its classic Italian cuisine and has been visited by many celebrities. Rihanna enjoys the privacy provided by the quiet atmosphere of the restaurant, making it an ideal place to stay away from the public eye.

Caribbean atmosphere at Miss Lily’s
Reflecting her Caribbean roots, Rihanna is also a fan of Miss Lily’s, a lively venue serving Jamaican cuisine. With its colorful decor and lively atmosphere, Miss Lily’s offers a slice of island life in the heart of the city. Jerk chicken and oxtail stew are some of the comfort dishes that Rihanna and other diners enjoy.

Luxury Dining Experience at Nobu
For a more luxurious dining experience, Rihanna has been spotted at the famous Japanese-Peruvian cuisine restaurant Nobu. Nobu’s sleek, modern atmosphere, along with its innovative menu, makes it a hotspot for celebrities and food connoisseurs. Sushi and signature dishes such as black cod with miso are especially popular among the stars.

frequent questions

Q: Does Rihanna have a favorite type of dish?
Answer: Rihanna loves to enjoy a variety of cuisines, but she has a special fondness for Italian and Caribbean food.

Q: What restaurant does Rihanna frequent among celebrities?
Answer: Although celebrities are often seen at these establishments, they are open to the public. However, due to its popularity reservations are recommended.


Top places in gastronomy: popular or fashionable places to eat.

Cultural crucible: Place where different people, styles, ideologies, etc. mix.

Mogul: An important or powerful person, especially in the film or media industry.

Nolita: A neighborhood in the Manhattan borough of New York City.

Eclectic: Taking ideas, styles, or tastes from wide and diverse sources.

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