Discover the trick all the influencers are using to exfoliate their feet

you open Instagram and you see thousands perfect feet: Shapely, tanned and without a hint of cellulite. There is no use in complaining in a corner. If you want ad legs you have to exfoliate your feet Like influential people do. And we’re not talking about preparing the classic mixture of sugar, honey and lemon, we’re talking about move He is broadening the social network, Trick to exfoliate feet Many celebrities have confessed to using Photoshop to avoid accusations. and all you need is a good one Exfoliating Body Brush Another ten minutes. Water? So that?

🧽How can I exfoliate my face properly?

🫧These scrubs will prove to be very helpful for your skin.

He dry brushing Improves circulation, evens skin tone and helps soften disgusting cellulite. Are you afraid of damaging your skin? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you the secret to doing it right.

Practice Dry Brushing and Say Goodbye to Cellulite

Paula Echevarria, Selena Gomez And Gwyneth Paltrow, among many encephalitis, have switched to dry brushing to exfoliate their feet and show them off all the time on social media. it’s a technique mechanical exfoliation consisting of Brush dry skin with a coarse-bristle brush Every day. And it’s not a trick they’ve discovered, it’s a trick ayurvedic rituals called Garsham which has been prevalent for years India To release toxins. it’s the best kept secret Dry, excess dead cells are removed From when you do it underwater. You should do it like this:

1. Which brush to use?

Select an option natural bristle brushOf bamboo one of two A type of plant they are perfect. is sisal agave fiber, the plant from which tequila is obtained. You didn’t expect this, huh? Its hardness is medium, so it is great for practicing more intense lymphatic drainage and a greater exfoliating effect. Buy one made of beech wood that is rounded and with an ergonomic handle, this way you will ensure a good grip while brushing.

2. When and how much to exfoliate?

The ideal time to brush your feet after waking up in the morning And before entering the shower. Since you don’t need any products, it’s easy to do while stretching. you can do it Every day, your skin will thank you. If you don’t have time then try to do it at least 3 times a week.

3. How to brush?

Be in underwear or naked to better reach the gluteal area. starts with firm and vertical motion It goes from bottom to top on the soles of the feet and then from the ankles to the knees. Then, from the knees to the thighs and finally, to the buttocks. it is important that don’t pressureOnly Slide gently so as not to scratch the skin, Spend 5 minutes on each leg.

And after this? Take a bath to say goodbye to all the dead cells, use the soft gelnatural and ecological, your skin will be more sensitive, And it’s important to use a good product when you dry yourself. Cream which nourishes your feet, like Homemade Moisturizing Cream with Olive Oil What we teach you to do. if you have cellbefore applying birch oiltheir vitamins, mineral, protein And will contain antioxidants Your heroes against the orange peel. He dry brushing It is an exfoliation technique completely and specifically designed showing legs live,

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