Diseases, which are necessary for early retirement

There are pathologies and diseases that are more serious than others that make it possible to obtain early retirement. Here’s what they are

Unfortunately, not everyone enjoys it good health until the end of their employment relationship. Which is why, some pathologies And illnesses particularly serious and disabling, they can give workers the opportunity to request and obtain the early retirement.


To date, there is no real list of specific diseases that allow workers to retire early. However, there are some conditions which, in case of illness, they can to demonstrate that the person has the right to obtain an early pension. Here’s what they are.

Here are the diseases that allow early retirement

Retire early due to particular diseases or pathologies it is possible. According to the rules currently in force, in fact, it is possible to retire earlier in the event that the worker has contracted a disease that determines adisability so high as not to allow the continuation of work.

Among the diseases that are particularly taken into consideration are:

  • Chronic diseaseswhich do not provide for healing or improvement;
  • Serious illnesses which they cause disability at work. In this case it is possible to retire early if you have matured 5 years of contributionsof which at least 3 in the last five years;
  • Blind: those who have can retire 56 years old for men and 51 for women, with at least 20 years of contributions;
  • Diseases ofcardiovascular system: if you have a recognized disability between 80% and the 100%. These are pathologies such as very serious coronary heart disease, very serious arrhythmias, heart transplantation, valvulopathies, cornic pericarditis, decompensated hypertensive heart disease, etc .;
  • Chronic diseases ofdigestive system: these include liver or bowel transplantation, childpugh class C liver cirrhosis, chronic inflammatory bowel disease, etc;
  • Chronic diseases ofrespiratory system: severe asthma pulmonary disease, severe obstructive pulmonary disease, restrictive pulmonary disease, severe interstitial disease, complicated lung transplantation;
  • Chronic diseases ofneurological system: Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy with complex generalized or partial multi-weekly seizures, etc .;
  • Chronic diseases ofurinary system, of the apparatus endocrineillnesses psychic and diseases oncological.

To obtain early retirement due to illness with recognized disability, it is necessary submit an application to INPS. It is possible to do this online through the Social Security Institute and following the indicated procedure. It is also possible to contact the Inps toll-free number, or contact Patronati and Caf.

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