Disgusted Adil Rami, his vandalized vehicle and a stolen luxury suitcase: ‘It pi*s me off…’

Adil Rummy certainly thought he would have a better weekend when he set off in his big luxury car towards the south of France for what was shaping up to be a particularly pleasant weekend. After saving his Troyes club from relegation, he could enjoy a good moment with a light spirit since we saw him climbing the stairs last night for the preview of the film. November by Cédric Jimenez, with Jean Dujardin. As he explains in his Instagram story, the world champion, who grew up in the area, had decided to go to Saint-Raphaël to see his loved ones again, except that everything did not go as planned …

On the way back, the one who is followed by more than 990,000 subscribers made a very sad announcement yesterday, while he was driving his car. “They broke my rear windshield”he blurts out in the introduction, before saying more about what happened to him: “They took a luxury brand suitcase and me it was real… but the problem is that they got nik*r!”. Visibly very upset, but hiding it behind his smile and his usual good humor, Adil Rami explains that the criminals ended up with a suitcase in which he did not have much, only “recycling stuff, rubber bands for training”.

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