dismissed his appeal against his father

Cold shower for Britney Spears: her appeal against her father, to regain control of her estate, was rejected by a Los Angeles court. And now? The battle does not stop.

Cold shower for Britney Spears: as we know the singer had done appeal against his fatherfor regain control of its assets, administered by the parent since 2008. A Los Angeles court, however, has unfortunately rejected this appeal, a first time in November, but a few days ago he reiterated it. Although the singer had accompanied the initiative with a media campaign to denounce the Abuse and the way she was prevented from living independently, Judge Brenda Penny did not entirely grant the request to move the management of the estate to britney’s chosen Bessemer Trust. This company will in fact support his father James, but the decision of the court therefore does not oust him as his daughter would have liked.

Following a nervous breakdown in 2008, James Spears, Britney’s father had taken control of his daughter’s personal affairs and her estate (which to date would amount to about sixty million dollars), becoming its legal guardian with what is called in English “conservatorship“. At the moment James, due to health problems, while maintaining control of Britney’s finances, has left jodi Montgomery to manage the artist’s activities.

Of course Britney Spears is not going to throw in the towel so easily: her lawyer Samuel Ingham III has already told CNN that he has forwarded aother request similar, with a hearing set for July 14.

Some time ago Britney stated, as reported by The Guardian:

I shouldn’t be under guardianship if I can work. Laws must change… I don’t think I can live my life to the full. I didn’t know I could apply to end the protection. I’m sorry for my ignorance, I seriously didn’t know. […] My father and all those involved in this protection and in the management of my life have worked hard to punish me … they should go to jail. […] Jodi is also starting to overdo it with me.

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