Disney+, also for adults, by Francesc Puig

For months now, Disney + is no longer just the shelter of children and adolescents (and of those who want to remain so). In February 2021, to compete with guarantees in the increasingly crowded world of streaming, the mouse company opened the platform to more adult content with Star, a new tab with productions from ABC, FX, Hulu or from the Disney studios themselves. . Since then it is not surprising to find series like Pam & Tommy about the true story of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s sex tape; dopesick , on the rise of opioids in the United States; either The dropout , which chronicles the rise and fall of biotech entrepreneur Elizabeth Holmes. Series, moreover, that received several nominations in the last Emmys, some of which crystallized in a statuette such as those of Michael Keaton and Amanda Seyfried, protagonists of dopesick Y The dropout respectively.

Taking advantage of the Disney + Day that the platform celebrates every September 8 and in which it launches a battery of new content in all its brands, the Star channel incorporated two new series that coincide in being based on true stories, Mike Y Gun about the life of one of the best-known boxers in the world and about the trajectory of one of the most transgressive musical groups, respectively.

Mike Tyson’s life has been a roller coaster, both professionally and personally. Considered one of the best heavyweights in history, he went from being an athlete admired throughout the world to being reviled for his behavior both inside the ring (such as when he bit and tore a piece of Evander Holyfield’s ear in a fight in 1997). whatever (he was sentenced to prison in 1992 for rape, among other violent episodes). Through the figure of him, Mike It also addresses issues such as class difference, race, fame, the power of the media, misogyny or the myth of the American dream.

Y Gun takes us to London in the late seventies to get closer to the band that started the punk movement: the Sex Pistols. The group led by Steve Jones revolutionized the music scene but also the way of understanding and living life. Directed by Danny Boyle ( Trainspotting , Slumdog Millionaire ), the series offers a colorful portrait of a time when the Sex Pistols and their impressive never mind the bollocks they led a countercultural movement that scandalized the English establishment and had an impact on everything from fashion to politics.

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