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Singer and actress Demi Lovato is happy after a wonderful summer. Sonny With a Chance The 31-year-old star updated her Instagram to tell fans how happy she was with an exclusive photo of herself posing in a black one-piece swimsuit in her pool, along with another photo of her smiling in the water. She captioned the post, “This summer has been like *chef’s kiss*. Feeling so grateful and happy. PS. Only 6k more album inserts to sign.” Royal and the Serpent commented, “The most beautiful, loveliest human being alive.” Here are some things that make Lovato very happy.

For Lovato, working out is something that makes her feel better both mentally and physically. “My routine is different on the road than at home: performing and traveling means I have to work out whenever I get time — late-night cardio sessions are not unheard of,” she says, “I exercise six days a week and rest one day. It sounds like a lot, but it really improves my mood — I feel great when I work out. One element of my diet throughout the week “I do cardio five times a day: alternating running and fast walking and spinning on the treadmill.”


Lovato’s typical breakfast is oatmeal and egg white pancakes with applesauce and fruit. “Some people don’t like the taste of egg yolk,” Kylie Erindale says, wellness dietitian at Houston Methodist. “The protein found in eggs – both whole eggs and egg whites – is really high-quality protein, containing all the essential amino acids we need. About 40% of this protein is found in the egg yolk, and The other 60% is found in the egg. The egg white.”

Lovato’s workouts are a mix of strength training and cardio. “For my six-weekly training sessions I focus on lengthening and toning the lower half of my body: lots of squats and lunge variations to keep my glutes and hips strong and toned,” she says, “To strengthen my body and avoid injury when I’m on stage, I keep my core strong with planks, crunches, push-ups, lying glute push-ups, and bridges… I use light dumbbells. I like to kick it up on high intensity days by incorporating exercise, bands, exercise balls and ankle weights into my normal routine.”


Lovato’s typical lunch and dinner is some version of protein and vegetables with complex carbohydrates – for example she likes turkey meatballs with kale salad and sweet potatoes. “Potatoes and sweet potatoes are major parts of diets around the world,” Beth Czervoni, RD, LD says, “And besides being healthy, they’re cheap and versatile in food.”

Lovato remains active even on her days off. “I don’t rest on my accomplishments on my day off,” she says, “I’m really into being active and healthy, like doing yoga or just walking. It keeps me focused on where I want to be with my body. Functional training is important for my body. My shows are really energetic so I try to train my body for the dance and the physical element of my performances – it’s harder than it looks!

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