Disney heiress seeks to sue Bob Chapek!

Abigail Disney is apparently in negotiations to reduce the salary of Bob Chapek, the company’s CEO.

Since Bob Iger stepped down as CEO of Disney and was replaced by Bob Chapek, the new executive has been faced with a series of problems. In addition to being criticized for prefer to promote the Disney + streaming platform, he was severely criticized for his lack of tact in dealing with issues such as the salary of Scarlett Johansson, which caused the actress to end up suing the company.

But that’s not all, internal tensions between Chapek’s team are said to have risen quite a bit, to the point where decided to fire an executive who sounded to be his replacement. And now, a new report from TheWrap ensures that Abigail Disney, great-niece of Walt Disney wants to start a legal battle for reduce your salary.

Bob Chapek

What’s happening at Disney?

According to The Wrap’s sources, Abigail Disney has met at least 3 times with members of the Disney board of directors to negotiate a reduction in Chapek’s salary. In his second year, his salary more than doubled and in 2021 received 32.5 million dollars. this supposedly bothered many investors, and since February 2022 they have been looking for ways to get his pay cut or kicked out of the company, but so far these are just rumours.

According to a Reddit post, one of the Disney executives assured that “I no longer trust the leadership of this company. I voted against his salary increase and for all the issues that the (Disney) board of directors does not want me to vote in favor of.”

Supposedly, Abigail Disney talks they have been informal so far, because really she is not a majority shareholder and cannot make such decisions alone. Still, she hopes his name and Bob Chapek’s mistakes are enough to get the issue voted on as part of the next investor meeting.

Bob Chapek

This is not the first time

This is not the first time that the Walt Disney family has influenced the lives of the executives entrusted to organize the company. Abigail’s father Roy E Disney was one of the most vocal executives for the CEO Ron W Miller was fired from the company, because his performance was so poor that caused the amusement parks to start losing money.

Roy E. Disney also promoted the dismissal of the CEO Michael Eisner in 2005, because even though he managed revitalize the brand in the 90s, the construction of Disney Land Paris and the budget cut to other infrastructure projects They were also gigantic mistakes which cost the company millions.

As you can see, the times that the Disney family has been involved in the executive decisions of the company are a sign that business is not very good and begin to have a negative impact on the company and its profits. It will be necessary to see if Bob Chapek manages to overcome his problems or if he will end fired.

Bob Chapek
What do you think, cinephiles and cinephiles? Do you think Bob Chapek will be replaced soon by Disney?

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