Disney Plus could transform 9-hour cut of Avatar 3 into a series

Disney Plus could transform 9-hour cut of Avatar 3 into a series

Disney Plus could transform 9-hour cut of Avatar 3 into a series

James Cameron is already prepared for more adventures in the world of Pandora, and it is likely that with the next installment he will go much further than we expected, since it has recently been revealed that a special cut of the film in serial format could reach Disney+ , something that had never been seen in this franchise.
The Way of Water brings us back to Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana as Jake and Neytiri, the heroes of the first film who have raised a family and settled in the Omaticaya clan. But the past catches up with them and the humans return to Pandora with the aim of continuing to plunder the land; the Sullys escape and seek refuge among the Na’Vi of the water, an ethnic group that has evolved and adapted to living in an aquatic environment. Jake and his family must learn to live in this new paradise, however, their efforts are useless when they are finally found by humans disguised as avatars, with dire consequences.

According to insider John Rocha, critic on Rotten Tomatoes and host on The Outlaw Nation, a nine-hour cut of Avatar 3 would be in the works to reach Disney Plus as a series; It is worth mentioning that this project would only come true after the premiere of Avatar 3 in movie theaters, a film that would have an average duration compared to its predecessors. If true, the Avatar franchise would grow to levels we didn’t think possible, demonstrating the immense amount of history that James Cameron has created for Pandora.
The story of Avatar – 83%, the first film, takes place in the year 2154, on a planet called Pandora, inhabited by the Na’vi race, high-altitude blue humanoids. The plot centers on Jake Sully, a paraplegic ex-marine who is sent to that world to replace his twin brother, who died on a scientific mission. Jake is recruited by a mining corporation looking to exploit Pandora’s natural resources, especially a mineral called unobtainium. To make contact with the Na’vi, the corporation creates a program in which humans can control avatars, artificial bodies with human and Na’vi DNA. Jake becomes an avatar controller, and as he becomes immersed in Na’vi culture, he begins to question the corporation’s mission and his own loyalty.

The film Avatar stands out for its use of digital animation technology and impressive visual effects, as well as its environmental and nature conservation message. It was a huge critical and commercial success, grossing more than $2.7 billion worldwide, making it the highest-grossing film of all time to date. It received mostly positive reviews, however some noted that the film was predictable and offered nothing new in terms of its plot.
Like its predecessor, El camino del agua offers us innovative visual effects, details that are not seen in many of the great Hollywood blockbusters. James Cameron’s goal has always been to be at the forefront, which is why with the third film he wants to go even further, as technological advances allow. It is worth mentioning that Avatar 3 is already in the post-production phase (it was filmed at the same time as the second) and will hit theaters on December 20, 2024.

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