Disneyland reopens Pirates of the Caribbean show with Johnny Depp; Will there be new movies in the saga?

Lto attraction “Pirates of the Caribbean” of disneyland returned to the stage for eager attendees starting this Friday, with the iconic phrase of the captain Jack Sparrow: “Hello, doll.” To do this, they used images of Johnny Depp characterized with one of his most famous characters. This immediately got fans thinking about a new series of movies with Depp back.

After the controversy arose between Johnny Depp Y Amber Heard, Disney decided not to use the image of the actor, accused of mistreating his ex-wife. This turn will indicate that the company will give you a new opportunity. In fact, a few days ago he projected Depp characterized as Jack Sparrow in a show in Disneyland.

According to some videos circulating on social networks, a few days ago a show was held in Disneyland Paris where various images related to Pirates of the Caribbean in the amusement park castle. Some of the pirate’s dialogues were also heard in the actor’s voice.

The problem between Depp and Heard began in 2018 when Amber Heard published an article in the Washington Post where she claimed to have been a victim of physical abuse while she was married to Johnny Depp. Following this, Sean Bailey, head of production for Disney, reported that Depp would no longer be taken into account in future projects for the story of Pirates of the Caribbean.

Disney was not the only company that doubted the behavior of Johnny Depp, since it also Warner I asked the actor to give up his role as Gellert Grindelwald in the saga of “Fantastic Animals”, after losing a trial for defamation against the media TheSun.

But everything could take a turn now that Johnny Depp he won the lawsuit against his ex-wife AmberHeard, who will have to pay about 12 million dollars for damages.

The Resurrected Show at Disneyland

“Keep an eye out for cunning Captain Jack Sparrow from the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ movie series as he schemes to get his hands on the loot”says the description of the attraction on the park’s website again.

However, for the reopening the show had some temporary closings: it opened an hour later than expected due to the park trying to control the flow of crowds, reported Deadline. Subsequently, “Pirates“It also closed and reopened twice before 2 p.m., while fans on social media claimed there were four temporary closures in that time period.

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