Disney’s D23 ads: wholesale popcorn | A packed schedule of premieres

An important part of the competition between platforms of streaming go through their advertisements. A little because they feed the fans, another little because they add up subscribersand another –quite a lot- because they also generate an important movement in social networks. These days of announcements are so important that they gradually grow in size and spectacularity. the recently D23 Disney is a clear example of this. spread throughout three days -from Friday to Sunday- featured dozens of stars from its most popular shows and even some almost mythical figures, such as Harrison Ford. Fans of the products of LucasFilm, Marvel Studios and 20th Century Foxin addition to the followers of the classic mouse from The Walt Disney Studios.

During one of the conferences, Alan Bergman, head of Walt Disney Studios, noted that “each of these studios has a phenomenal legacy of storytelling.” That is to say, they are a gold mine when it comes to producing franchises and they have fictional universes vast and rich enough to produce series and movies until the sun goes cold.

Although during the event there was ads for all tastes (even a biopic series about Pancho Villaa figure of the Mexican Revolution, who will go Star+), the main focus was on the production more pop. That is, the universe Marvelthe galaxy of starwars and, to a lesser extent, other productions such as Indiana Jones, Percy Jackson, Willow either Avatar. Most of the announcements focused on what will hit theaters and platforms in 2023, although trailers and preview scenes of upcoming titles were not lacking.

a very close galaxy

A 45 years after its premiere, the universe of Star Wars It’s already notoriously family-friendly and one of the most by-product franchises in history. Of the latter, many of the most interesting were those that ran from the more orthodox adventurous axis, such as rogue one. Disney+ will soon premiere Andor, a series of 24 chapters (between two seasons). Will be “one of spies” based on one of the characters rogueone, embodied by Diego Luna. The definitive trailer was released at D23, before its imminent premiere on the platform on 21 of this month.


Dave Philoni also anticipated a good number of animated productions linked to the universe of Jedi. This is the case of the second season of Star Wars: The Bad Batchwho will again follow in the footsteps of the renegade stormtroopers. For the eager ones who had fallen in love with Kamino and his team of mercenaries, the good news is that they won’t have to wait long: the first two episodes will arrive together with the hangover of cider and nougat on January 4, 2023.

Much closer in time is the premiere of Star Wars: Jedi Tales, six animated shorts about parables related to the Jedis of the prequel era. There was also an official trailer and it was anticipated that there will be a focus on two characters that are very expensive to the hearts of the public: Ahsoka Tano and Count Dooku. The six short films will hit the platform on October 26th. And about Ahsoka, of course, the series with actors in which Rosario Dawson will reprise that role, which he already held in The Mandalorian. No release date yet, beyond the generic “2023”, it is known that the viewer will follow in the footsteps of the protagonist while she investigates an “emerging danger in the vulnerable galaxy” and that in addition to Filoni will be on the team Jon Favreau, responsible for several recent successes of the franchise.


With Favreau in the middle, the third season of The Mandalorianwhere the long-awaited reunion between the warrior and grog. Finally, Favreau and Filoni introduced Jon Watts and Christopher Ford, who announced another upcoming series: Star Wars: Skeleton Crewstarring none other than JudeLaw.

Heroes assemble

Marvel Studios took superhero movies to another level. Not so much in terms of special effects, but in the saga conceptioncontinuity and interconnected universes throughout –literally- dozens of movies and series which climaxed in Avengers: Endgame and a sort of extended epilogue in what is semi-formally known as “multiverse saga” in which different titles raised the dangers that lurk in parallel universes.

As is customary, the studio divides the films into blocks or “phases.” The fourth has just concluded and D23 was an occasion to confirm the agenda of the Phase 5 and anticipate titles from the 6, which will include tanks for the big screen like Fantastic Four (which will eventually return from Fox to Marvel) and two new movies from avengers: The Kang Dynasty Y Secret Wars. Regular readers of comics can guess which sagas of the paper will be inspired by both (in the same way that Captain America: Civil War watered in its analogical namesake), but those who only follow the MCU on the screen will have already heard Kang mentioned in the series of Lokilike some kind of insane interdimensional conqueror.

Disney+ It will also have a good number of series from the Marvel Universe. Of the tandem the safest bets, for now, are the second season of Loki Y Daredevil: born again. If the first appearances of Daredevil on screen were for Netflix, For a long time fans have been asking for new appearances of the blind lawyer and his archenemy Mr. Fisk. The title of the new iteration suggests that the creators were inspired by the eponymous story arc that Frank Miller (300, Batman: Dark Knight Returns) developed in the character’s comics in the mid-1980s. The adaptation of him to the screen will not come soon: not even a scene has been shot yet, so those who want to see Vincent D’Onofrio in his role as Kingping or charlie cox like Matt Murdock will have to “make do” with Threw outwhich will arrive soon on Disney + and is a spin-off of the series of hawk eye.

Several series are planned for next year. iron heart happens after the imminent Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (opens in November) and will have the leading role Riri Williams, a young girl who seeks to emulate Hombre de Hierro. Also by 2023 there will be secret invasion (also based on the Marvel Comics saga of the same name) in which the heroes of humanity fight against an invasion of alien shapeshifters skrull. It’s been a while since different company products have been winking about it and 2023 will specify this plot line with a more “grounded” cast: Don Cheadle like Colonel James Rhodes, cobie smulders as Maria Hill, the eternal Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury and Ben Mendelson like the Skrull Talos, in addition to Olivia Colman, Emilia Clarke –the Khaleesi of Game of Thrones, clear- and Kingsley Ben Adir. The lucky attendees were shown not only the trailer, but also a scene from this series. Rhodes will also star Armor Wars (again, there is also a homonymous on paper so that the anxious can anticipate).


Refering to large screenthe premiere in November Wakanda Forever will mean the end of Phase 4 (plus the introduction of Namor and the Atlanteans in the Marvel Cinematic Universe). Phase 5 will start with Ant-man and the Wasp: Quantumania, starring Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly and Jonathan Majors. Majors will play a key role here, as it means the reappearance of Kang the conqueror (who has already been seen in Loki) and -as if it were necessary- from Marvel Studios they confirmed that this film (premiere in february) will be tied to Avengers: the Kang Dynasty.

Kevin Feig, Marvel Studios honcho finally confirmed that The Fantastic Four will arrive at the MCU, after years of requests from fans who cross their fingers that, finally, there is a movie that does it justice to one of the most emblematic groups of the publishing house. Matt Shakmandirector of the exceptional WandaVision will lead the reinstatement of Reed Richards and company to the Marvel universe.

Another title that remains for July of next year will be the marvelswhich will bring together the girls who under that name assumed different superhero mantles, such as Captain Marvel, Monica Rambeau and the recent kamala khan in the series Ms Marvel, one of the coolest in the franchise.

Finally, Feige’s latest ads are projected towards 2024. Captain America: New World Order will have sam wilson as Captain America and is scheduled for early May 2024. On the other hand, just as DC has its villains in the suicide squadin Marvel there are Thunderbolts. Its premiere is scheduled for July, but the characters that will make up the team have already been revealed: Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, Red Guardian, Ghost, James “Bucky” Barnes / The Winter Soldier, John Walker / US Agent, Taskmaster and Yelena Belova.

The adventure as a banner

The adventure movies They are an irreducible classic of cinema. During D23 they anticipated three productions that, in one way or another, are part of the hearts of many viewers. The most popular of these is perhaps Indiana Joneswhich will have a new delivery in June 2023. The very same participated in the presentation Harrison Fordwho also offered his companion Phoebe Waller Bridge praise for his role in the upcoming film. “The Indiana Jones movies are fantasy and mystery, but there’s also a lot of emotion,” the actor said. “I’m very happy to have a very human story to tell, in addition to a film that will leave you stunned”.

Harrison Ford at the presentation of Indiana Jones 5.

Also in adventure plan, but more linked to epic fantasy, there will be a series inspired by Willowthe 1988 classic from George Lucas and Ron Howard. It will be with actors and will return to the leading role Warwick Davis, in addition to other figures from the original cast. In addition to a brand new trailer, during the event it was revealed that Christian Slater will also be of the game. Starting on November 30, the Disney streaming platform will be filled with goblins, wizards, trolls and other magical creatures while the protagonists – of course – try to save the world.


Finally and in the distance, the director james cameron gave a lecture at the panel of 20th Century Studiosin which he told that he was in New Zealand filming while he was progressing in Avatar: the way of water, sequel to the original film and will hit theaters in November. Yes at the time Avatar was at the top of the special effects, this time they seek to enlarge that experience and the scenes that could be seen in the Anaheim Convention Center included 3D glasses.

Of course, there were also announcements for the parent company. Thus, a film with actors from The little Mermaid received further advances (reviving ultra-conservative complaints about the skin color of the protagonist), it was anticipated Wish (next product of the factory pixaralso engulfed by Disney), Abracadabra 2 (yes, the old movie about the three witches will have an unexpected sequel), a second installment of Intensely, and new scenes from PercyJackson, who advances in the construction of his saga. A sign that although Disney has bought other companies to swell its portfolio and cover audience targets that it did not have well mastered, it still has an important product base to offer the market.

A new Little Mermaid in the Disney universe.

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