Divorce documents leaked; Singer must give a check to his ex-girlfriend

This 2023 is the year of separation; Even the most famous people aren’t being saved from this Ariana Grande is one of the celebrities who decided to put The end of their marriage.

This came to light a few months ago Ariana and Dalton Gomez Were apart, nothing more than that rumors Including about what happened between them infidelity a from him wicked movie actor Who is filming far away from the United States.

This time portal tmz Released details of document Of DivorceThis is what Ariana demanded while claiming in Los Angeles last Monday “irreconcilable differences” Where else can you read that there was a prenuptial agreement between them.

Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez have already signed their divorce:

In the documents, Ariana states that they have this agreement and mentions: “Each party has separate property assets and additional obligations, as provided by the parties’ prenuptial agreement.”,

After filing for divorce, Gomez responded to this request almost immediately. And in this he has revealed that The date of separation was February 20, 2023showing it in reality Their relationship ended two years before their marriage.,

With this prenuptial agreement, Ariana agreed Sign a check to your ex, But he says that this will not be a huge amount.

Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez got married secretly / Instagram: @ariana._.grande___fan._

According to the above media sources, Ariana and Dalton have been very amicable in their divorce proceedingsCareful work is being done to ensure that Matters to be resolved will be agreed upon before formal submission of documents of divorce etc. avoid scams Media.

Meanwhile, about love life About both, TMZ knows that not only she already found love again between There are rumors that he became involved in the relationship of actor Ethan Slater and his then-wife Lily Jay. But he may also already be meeting someone, although his identity is unknown.

Lily J, who was the wife of actor Ethan Slater, said that Ariana Grande had interfered in their marriage. This is how rumors of romance arose between actor and singer/TMZ

Let’s remember that Dalton was not famous before marrying Ariana Grande, as he is a real estate agent.

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