DJ Aneudy, from baseball to the Vacilón radio booth

Some know him as Aneudy Reynoso, others as DJ Aneudybut when it comes to La Mega, everyone recognizes him for being “the Giant”, his work and dedication have made him the most listened to speaker by Latinos in New York City, in the program he directs, El Vacilon of the Morning.

The Dominican emigrated to the United States in 1997, at the age of 16 together with his family, he was looking for opportunities in the country to continue with his dream of being a baseball player, but due to an injury this dream was cut short.

Although his dream during high school was very different from his current profession, he was always close to the musical area since his family, during their meetings, sang serenades and Aneudy was a participant in them. This is why one of her grandparents was the one who gave her her first musical instrument, a guitar.

Aneudy Reynoso joined the “La Mega” station in New York 14 years ago as a music mixer, on a rotating schedule. During his position as mixer, Aneudy looked for a way to add his touch to his work and began to include entertainment news in the middle of his mixes to “not bore the listener”.

When talking about his hometown, Salcedo, he says he misses everything related to the countryside. “We had a farm full of trees, coconut, avocados, lemons, oranges, it’s what I miss the most from my childhood.”

“The greatest satisfaction is receiving a message that they listen to you daily, knowing that you are their company when they are discouraged and you give them light with a theme”DJ AneudyAnnouncer

He told Diario Libre that as leader of the morning shows “The Vacilon of the Morning“He is already nine years old. Your entry to this Show It is due to a change of programmer and that is when they announce a new season of the Show with new members and with the Dominican at the head.

Although when the offer was presented, Aneudy did not want to accept “because it was not his style”. “In those times and in those shows There was talk of many things ‘a little strong’ and we agreed, I told him ‘let’s try’ for at least three months to see how I feel, if I feel uncomfortable I can’t do it, “he said.

“As the months go by, the numbers and the rating They talked about the program. After a year we began to position ourselves, to go out No. 1, No. 2, and since that season in which I entered we will celebrate nine years in the Vacilón”, added the DJ.

“I never thought I would get into the radio and accommodate myself to what that medium is. The Vacilón program was a challenge for me”, she confirmed.

He declared that he never imagined having achieved everything he has proposed and where he has arrived. “Never in my life of ever.”

Aneudy appreciates the affection that her listeners have expressed to her over the years: “That feels very nice, the greatest satisfaction is receiving a message that they listen to you daily, the different ethnic groups that work here, that you are their company ( referring to the program radio), or when people are bummed out and you hit it with a song. One gives light to the days of many listeners.”

She has a degree in Social Communication, graduated from the Universidad Católica Santo Domingo.

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