Do you consume them? Profeco – These are the worst brands of panela cheese, according to El Heraldo de Chiapas

Federal Consumer Protection Agency ,Profeco) has conducted a detailed analysis of 17 brands panela cheese In Mexico, for the purpose of determining which is the best option for consumers. The results provided valuable information about the moisture content, protein, sodium, type and amount of fat, as well as calorie intake in these dairy products.

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In the evaluation process, they identified eight brands which did not meet established quality standards Profeco, and had deficiencies that could affect consumers’ health. Among the failed brands are:

  1. strip: This Style Paneer Panela It is sold in bulk and was found to contain unacceptable ingredients such as trans fats. Additionally, it is the imitation cheese with the highest amount of sodium, registering 498 mg per 100 grams.
  2. Bow: It was found that this cheese has an excess of sodium in its composition.
  3. carranco: Like Bowe, Caranco was failed for having excess sodium.
  4. emerald: This brand was also flagged for containing excessive amounts of sodium.
  5. great value: A Great Value brand product was also found to have high sodium levels.
  6. small village: Another brand that introduced added sodium into its panela cheese.
  7. La Villita Cremoso: Similar to Little Village, this creamy cheese was also criticized for its high sodium content.
  8. Zwan Premium: Lastly, Zwan Premium was flagged for having excessive amounts of sodium in their product.

It is important to highlight that excess sodium linked to diet heart diseaseTherefore, people who suffer from high blood pressure are advised to be especially careful in consuming cheese. Profeco Whole Foods recommends keeping total sodium intake under 2,400 milligrams per day and choosing something that doesn’t exceed this content.

Profeco also emphasizes the importance of carefully reviewing its labels. dairy products And choose ones that don’t contain added sodium, especially avoiding imitations.


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