Do you have diabetes? To find out, look at the feet and it is incredible what they can detect

Diabetes is a much more common condition than you think. In addition to medical tests, to find out if the disease is present, we can look at… the feet.

Our body sends us all the time signals regarding the state of health. Both physical and psychic. It sure is good go to the doctor to ascertain the situation unequivocally with the analyzes, but we can also get to know each other better. For example, perhaps not everyone knows that our feet can “talk” to us about diabetes.

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According to the latest data ISTATin Italy approx 3.5 million people suffer from diabetes. The phenomenon, among other things, is in growth (about 60% from 2000 to 2019) and it is estimated that it is even tripled compared to the 1980s. It certainly affected a different one Power supplybut also a aging more generalized than the population. Let’s not forget then, that diabetes is related to overweight, another growing phenomenon. And to one sedentary lifestyle. Last but not least, also the improvement of the effectiveness of diagnosis may have done increase the statistical numbers.

Diabetes, symptoms expressed by the feet

Although it may seem slightly extravagantscience contemplates i signals sent by our body. In the case of diabetes, by observing the feet we can obtain various information. Of course, the next step (and it really should be said) is go to the doctor and investigate further targeted.

Diabetes disease, among other things, affects theappearance and functions of the feet. Sometimes even the hands they get involved. It all depends on the imbalances caused by high blood sugar levels. In addition to diabetes, there are also other diseases which affect the lower limbs. Let’s talk about HIV, blood cancersand even of exposure to hazardous chemicals.

A alarm bell to which attention must be paid is the sensation of “a thousand needles”, often accompanied by burning, on the toes. This may mean that there is one too high a concentration of sugars in the blood. If the symptoms include tingling, and even loss of balance or in the correct movement, we are most likely in the presence of diabetes.

Also have the ingrown toenails, sores, blisters or sore spots it may mean that the illness is in progress. Anyone who is diabetic certainly suffers from one or more of these symptoms. Not only that, diabetes sufferers also know they have lower immune response about the healing from injuries and wounds. Therefore, even the problems listed above can become more difficult and increase the consequences of infection.

Health also passes through the feet, an old saying went. Certainly, in the case of the diabetes but also in other sectors concerning the Welfare of the whole organism. So be careful, because it is always good to listen to your body and in case of any doubt do not hesitate to consult a doctor or specialist.

(The information in this article is for informational purposes only and concerns scientific studies published in medical journals. Therefore, it does not replace the consultation of a doctor or specialist, and should not be considered for formulating treatments or diagnoses)

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